There’s a story in your numbers. We help you understand what the story is telling you.

Rigits helps service businesses maximize profit, improve cash flow, and grow sales by helping business owners understand and act on the crucial numbers that drive growth.

Maximize profit

You know you could be more profitable but you’re not sure how. We help you drill down and figure out:

  • Profitability by service, client, or project
  • Unit economics of your services (a lever that can be pulled to increase profitability)
  • Your labor productivity and how to improve it 

Improve cash flow

“I know I made money, but where did it all go?” The answer is hiding in your cash flow management. We’ll help you uncover:

  • Your specific sales to cash cycle
  • How AR management can be improved (so you get paid quicker)
  • Your 13 week cash flow forecast so there’s no surprises

Grow sales

“Wait, I thought you guys were accountants. How can you help me grow sales?” Because your numbers are always telling a story, and that story includes revenue. We’ll help you figure out:

  • Your revenue drivers (an unbelievably powerful lever)
  • Your cost of customer acquisition (and how to use it to make decisions)
  • What specific leading indicators you should be tracking to increase revenue