Steveo - Jackass

I used to have this business management/accounting team that was a disaster before I switched to Rigits! In the first month, Rigits cleaned up all the mess and found over $100,000 of cash I was sitting on that I didn’t even know about. Since then we’ve switched from cash to accrual accounting so I can actually see what’s really going on with my businesses. I’m more productive and more profitable than ever and I want the whole world to know it’s because of Rigits, and I love them. They’re the best!

Helen Chang, Author Bridge Media

I had the privilege of working with Rigits to look over at our strategy and numbers. Julia was clear, concise, and gave great guidance. She’s a great coach and she knows her stuff. I highly recommend them, you won’t go wrong with Rigits!

Paris Buchanan, A&P Branding

I had been trying to manage my bookkeeping myself for about a year. It was impossible to keep everything organized on top of running our business and doing client work. My Quickbooks file was a complete mess – I was pretty sure no one would want to touch it! The Rigits team tackled it though! They organized our data, cleaned up our balance sheet and keep us on track every month. I don’t have to worry about paying my contractors, logging receipts, sorting transactions or filing our quarterly reports. I love knowing that we’re in good hands and our books are being done right!

Ross Nelson - Beacon's Point

I worked with the Rigits team for about 3 years as a co-owner of a marketing agency. Julia and Elizabeth were the first bookkeepers we used that took an active interest in helping us see how managing our books differently could help our company improve financially.

Rigits worked with us to restructure our P&L to bring more clarity to our revenue streams and costs, and how to improve our profits. They also helped with establishing and tracking a variety of KPIs to monitor the health of the business and achieve new goals.

We eventually sold the business and had a lot of confidence in negotiations and setting our company’s value because of those metrics. It’s definitely a great place for any business to be knowing that your books and financial statements are rock solid.

Huge credit to the entire Rigits team for keeping us in a good place week to week and setting us up for long-term success.

Scott Randolph, Tight Box Packing

Since we’ve been with Rigits our company projections and clarity on long term goals have become crystal clear. We were with a top New York agency for bookkeeping services the last 20 years and when we made the transition to working with Rigits, it made us realize how much we have been missing out on. I wish we found them sooner!

I run 6 businesses through Rigits and I couldn’t be happier. Our rep’s relationship with our CPA is fantastic, there is nothing I need to loop her in on that she doesn’t already pick up the phone and call them herself. The whole Rigits team is really up to date on different software and systems that need to be automated. It’s great having a young accountant firm that gets all the new technology that’s coming out.

I can’t say enough good things about them!

Kevin Espiritu - Epic Gardening

Rigits solved a year of bookkeeping and accounting issues in about 4-5 hours. Previously I’d spent untold amounts of energy and time thinking about it when it is CLEARLY not my forte. Hiring them was the biggest no-brainer expense I’ve ever had in business.

Tim Koezler, EquiBrand Consulting

Our books were about six months behind when Rigits took over. In a few weeks we were back up-to-date with financial statements that my long-time CPA was very happy with. It’s incredibly valuable to have bookkeepers with a thorough knowledge of both accounting and Quickbooks. The team at Rigits are true professionals and I highly recommend them.

Bryan Charlson, Dark Horse Coffee Roasters

Our finances were all over the place – excel sheets, emails, Word docs etc. It was a mess! Rigits got us completely organized and they keep us up-to-date every month. Bookkeeping used to be a massive headache – not anymore!

Chris Walker, Graduate Communications

The Rigits team is fantastic to work with! Quick to respond, very thorough and our books are squeaky clean. They helped us find easy workflows for some of our more challenging accounting needs and we highly recommend their services! Thanks Elizabeth, Julia and the rest of the Rigits team.

Jose Luis Rocha - Sermaparts Import & Export Services

I started our business relationship with Rigits this year and it has changed my life! It gives me peace of mind to have them always available for advice and support, employee onboarding, research and fixing of tax issues, and timely, accurate books. You need them in your life!

Yanelie Banegas - Lost Angels Children’s Project

Rigits has been a great help to our organization with prompt responses to our questions, assistance by email/phone, and even zoom so we can screenshare. Our representative catches any problems before they arise and always delivers financials on time and is a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend utilizing their services and insight.