11 Best Bookkeeping Services in Houston, TX

11 Best Bookkeeping Services in Houston, TX

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Bookkeeping services in Houston are organizations that assist businesses in Houston in keeping proper accounts and generating financial reports. These companies handle financial work, including bank reconciliation, credit control, and budget preparation. These services relieve business managers and owners of the accounting work so that they have more time for other important tasks like planning and marketing.

These services are similar to Dallas bookkeeping services, and bookkeepers in Austin, Texas.

This article covers:

  • small business bookkeeping services in Houston
  • virtual bookkeeping services in Houston
  • professional bookkeeping services in Houston
  • bookkeeping and tax services in Houston
  • bookkeeping and payroll services in Houston

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List of bookkeeping services in Houston

Using bookkeeper services means cutting down on errors and in-house labor. Here is a list of some of the best Houston bookkeeping services.

1. Rigits

Rigits Bookkeeping and Accounting is one of the best professional bookkeeping services in Houston. This accounting firm can provide comprehensive financial solutions to keep your business running well. For instance, preparing periodic financial reports, filing your tax returns, and processing the payroll.

Besides bookkeeping, Rigits takes care of accounting-related services, such as assessing project profitability, reporting, and managing accounts payable and receivable. In addition, if you have messy Quickbooks, then Rigits can help you clean it up. For example, Rigits’ accountants can reconcile Quickbooks accounts with bank statements and clear duplicate files at a reasonable monthly fee.

One notable plus about this bookkeeping service is that clients can consult the Rigits teams whenever they need to and that the team would respond promptly.

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2. Complete Controller Houston

Complete Controller Houston prides itself as one of the best teams and bookkeeping experts in America. This firm understands the client’s need to have a balanced work-family life and knows that bookkeeping tasks can rob clients of that precious time. Therefore, this company’s services aim to give clients time for what matters most and ensure that clients have accurate financial data.

The experts are great at giving guidance on preparing workable budgets. For instance, this team can help you forecast your earnings and expenditure based on the business’ historical data, current market conditions, and expected trends. Clients can also learn tips for crafting a solid budget.

This company is known for its performance based reporting. Complete Controller Houston’s team analyzes your financial data and advises on your performance. This team can also guide you to make intelligent decisions for improving and growing the business and can produce reports on demand.

Complete controller Houston can facelift your office by transitioning you into a modern paperless filing system. Additionally, this team provides solutions that safeguard your virtual finance department.

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3. Cooper CPA Group

Cooper CPA Group is among the leading bookkeeping services in Houston. This company specializes in business valuation, tax preparation, and accounting.

The team at Cooper CPA group understands the challenges that come up with accounts analysis, book clean-up, and tax minimization processes. Therefore, the staff is committed to ensuring that the clients get accounting solutions to help them understand their financial position.

Some notable benefits clients get when they engage the services of Cooper CPA Group include reduced taxes and increased profits. The team helps businesses to achieve this advantage by offering IRS audit support and advising clients on the best ways to balance input and output tax.

Cooper CPA Group also offers business growth consulting services to guide clients make innovative and progressive decisions. These decisions can promote business growth, trigger expansion, and enhance strategy execution.

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4. Aberdare Business Solution

Aberdare Business Solution is among the top bookkeeping and payroll services in Houston. In addition, the company offers consultancy on most accounting tasks, including payroll processing, tax preparation, and bookkeeping.

Knowing how complex preparing payroll can get, Aberdare Business Solutions relieves its clients of this task. By working on clients’ payroll files, this firm helps businesses to track and save time for other non-accounting jobs. The team will take over your payroll documents and compile changes like deductions and allowances, new salary changes, and setup details for the new hires. This process helps to enumerate all your staff accurately and pay the salaries in time. In addition, Aberdare Business Solution prepares and files W2 and 1099 documents.

Aberdare Business Solution also offers online services. Distant clients and remote workers use these services to conveniently process payroll, get financial reports, and file taxes.

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AKIF CPA specializes in multiple accounting services. For instance, tax preparation, payroll management, and bookkeeping. This CPA company boasts of its professional staff who work diligently and professionally with clients.

If you need experts to take the pressure out of your tax position, then you can contract AKIF CPA. The accountants will simplify tax preparation and advise you on how to approach tax matters and savings in the present and the future.

Clients can also benefit from financial tips that this firm’s professionals share. For example, advice on how a business can increase its safety net and growth.

AKIF CPA has a special service for businesses that transact with digital currency. The accountants understand the versatile nature of cryptocurrency. This team will use a business-based approach to account for virtual currencies. Clients will get guidance on how to set up crypto-based businesses for long-term success. In addition, the AKIF CPA team will ensure that you understand tax obligations on digital coins and adhere to IRS rules and tax laws.


6. Bookkeeping & Beyond LLC

Bookkeeping & Beyond LLC is one of the best small business bookkeeping services in Houston. The firm offers personal bookkeeping services and financial consultation and advice to small and individually owned businesses.

While companies can have a smooth bookkeeping process, sometimes the tasks get out of hand. Bookkeeping & Beyond LLC comes in handy to help organize your books. Professionals can clean up erratic accounting entries and manage cash flows to give a clear picture of your business’s financial position.

This firm has got enough QuickBooks-Certified Pro advisors to guide the clients on how to run the business. One notable advantage of this service is clients get unique advice tailored to meet business needs.

Bookkeeping & Beyond are members of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals, NAPO. This membership allows the firm to access and share efficient tools to help clients organize the business better and improve overall productivity.

Clients can contact Bookkeeping & Beyond LLC for all their small business needs. Also, visitors can schedule a complimentary consultation with the firm to discuss their needs.

Visit Bookkeeping & Beyond, LLC.

7. 1040+ Quality Tax and Bookkeeping Services

The 1040+ Quality Tax and Bookkeeping Services are among the leading tax professionals in Houston. This company specializes in tax planning, payroll processing, and bookkeeping services.

Every US taxpayer can use this company’s services to prepare the 1040 form and file annual individual income tax. Taxpayers can benefit from the entire tax filing process from the comfort of their homes as the company services virtual and in-person clients. In addition, clients can get short and long-term advice on taxes. For example, the best ways to minimize periodic taxes and selecting a plan for saving towards children’s future education.

Preparing the payroll is another tasking role for most companies. If you have insufficient staff, low time availability, or staff with poor knowledge of deposit rules and tax laws, then the payroll process can become more challenging. The professionals at 1040 + Quality Tax and Bookkeeping Services free clients from this stress at a comparatively low price compared to similar bookkeeping companies.

Bookkeeping services are among the most fundamental tasks in a business. However, compiling records from Word, Excel, and other source documents can be straining when you lack a qualified accountant. This company’s solutions include updating your financial records by capturing all the transactions and entering them in the appropriate books. This help enables clients to have the correct figures and make sound financial decisions.

This company has some of the best consultancy services for clients who use QuickBooks software to manage accounts. The professional bookkeepers understand the system superbly and can help clients process and analyze financial reports and statements more efficiently and accurately.

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8. Rockstar Bookkeepers

Rockstar Bookkeepers comprises a group of independent bookkeepers. These professionals commit themselves to giving clients accurate, updated, and reliable records.

Some of the services clients access are data entry and billing. These services contribute to helping clients to understand the true financial position of the business. Clients can rest assured knowing that this team will handle these crucial tasks and do proper document filing.

One of the best ways that Rockstar Bookkeepers help clients manage their cash flows is through properly accounting for debtors and creditors. By updating the accounts receivables accurately, the bookkeepers help the business’ credit control team to achieve an efficient debt collection process. On the other hand, verifying accounts payables help the finance team to pay suppliers promptly and ensure that the business has sufficient stock or raw materials.

The bookkeeping team can handle bank and credit card reconciliations. These services let business owners keep good track of their monetary transactions. Also, accountants can accurately set off debtors’ balances.

Rockstar Bookkeepers can help clients generate financial reports. The reports guide managers and owners in making critical and strategic decisions for the business. In addition, the professional can train clients on how to use QuickBooks to self-generate the reports. The bookkeepers are QuickBooks Pro experts and can help clients to set up the chart of accounts and train the staff on using this useful accounting software.

Rockstar Bookkeepers allow flexible schedules with clients. For instance, engagements range from hourly sessions to annual contracts. Usually, this group creates time every week to meet and discuss bookkeeping issues with clients. Also, clients can choose to have the team working from the home or office premises or pick documents and then return them after updating them on the accounting system.

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9. Hooker CPA Firm

Hooker CPA Firm is among the best bookkeeping and tax services in Houston. This company focuses on giving dedicated customer service and progressive solutions to bookkeeping, accounting, and tax needs.

At Hooker CPA Firm, the staff understands that the process of maintaining clean books of accounts can be daunting and extremely time-consuming. Therefore, the team helps clients accurately feed raw data into the preferred accounting software and ensure they have updated financial records.

Hooker CPA Firm also provides consultation services for a wide range of accounting services, such as recommendations for new business formation and audit preparation. This firm will sort you out if you also need a payroll processing service.

In addition, the firm’s staff are professional, making collaboration with clients enjoyable. Clients can visit the firm during week hours or schedule an online appointment.

Visit Hooker CPA Firm.

10. Mac Reed and Associates

Mac Reed and Associates is one of the best bookkeeping services that can financially empower small business owners. This company’s services include bookkeeping, general accounting, and tax services.

Mac Reed and Associates can take off most of the strenuous bookkeeping work to give you more time and control over the business. The staff are friendly and can advise entrepreneurs on strategic approaches to filling existing business gaps.

If you need simple tools to help to project your business to success, then you can schedule a complimentary strategy session with Mac Reed and Associates to discuss the challenges in detail and get sound and tailored advice for your small business.

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11. Xendoo

Xendoo is one of the leading virtual bookkeeping services in Houston. The bookkeeping services from this company help small and medium enterprises to maintain proper records on transactions, data entry, and financial reporting.

Promptness is one of Xendoo’s outstanding features. Clients can access important periodic reports like balance sheets and profit-and-loss statements on time and with minimal wait. The Xendoo team operates virtually and encourages clients to have a desktop portal or a mobile app to help them access reports in real time.

Being a virtual company, the bookkeepers digitally reconcile clients’ accounts, for example, expenses and credit card transactions. In addition, the Xendoo team uses historical reports and forecasts to analyze and report businesses’ financial trends and patterns.

This company’s team consists of bookkeepers and accountants to cater to clients who need tax solutions and bookkeeping services. The teams can help clients to file federal tax returns, plan annual taxes, and get consulting advice on tax matters.

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Final Thoughts

Bookkeeping can be time-consuming and stressful, even for a skilled accountant. However, the bookkeeping services in Houston can handle all the daunting accounting tasks to help business owners and managers create more time for other important managerial jobs like leading the staff to achieve organizational goals.

The prices for the service vary, and clients can always choose a firm that meets their needs and fits their budget. What is most important is for clients to get quality services that fill their financial gaps and help clients to grow their businesses.

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FAQ: Bookkeeping services in Houston

Here are answers to common questions about bookkeeping services in Houston.

What are the best bookkeeping services in Houston?

Some of the best bookkeeping services in Houston are:

  • Rigits
  • Rockstar Bookkeepers
  • Cooper CPA
  • Aberdare Business Solutions

These companies can take charge of all bookkeeping work and often do other related accounting tasks. For example, payroll management, tax planning, filing, account clean-up, and financial consultancy.

What are some good bookkeepers for small businesses in Houston?

The good bookkeepers for small businesses in Houston include Bookkeeping and Beyond LLC, Mac Reed and Associates, and Xendoo. These companies handle financial tasks for small enterprises, including individually owned businesses.

How much do bookkeepers cost in Houston?

Most of Houston’s bookkeeping services offer complimentary introductory consultation. The hourly cost can vary from USD 40 to USD 300. The average monthly cost varies between USD 165 to USD 3000. These rates are often negotiable, but some companies work with predetermined plans. The costs vary widely due to the size of the client’s business, the number of jobs to be handled, and the accounting firm’s experience and professionalism.