13 Best Bookkeeping Services in Los Angeles, CA

13 Best Bookkeeping Services in Los Angeles, CA

Here is our list of the best bookkeeping services in Los Angeles.

Bookkeeping services in Los Angeles are professional firms offering accounting and tax solutions for businesses and individuals in the city. For example, IRBusiness, TaxPlus, and Roberts Bookkeeping. The purpose of these services is to help you keep accurate financial records while saving you time and overhead expenses.

These companies are similar to San Diego bookkeepers and San Francisco bookkeepers.

This list includes:

  • small business bookkeeping services in Los Angeles
  • virtual bookkeeping services in Los Angeles
  • professional bookkeeping services in Los Angeles
  • bookkeeping and tax services in Los Angeles
  • bookkeeping and payroll services in Los Angeles

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List of bookkeeping services in Los Angeles

Besides having clean books and organized data, hiring a bookkeeper can be just the right step for your business in LA needs to grow. The city offers excellent bookkeeping services, from Fast Tax Services to MBA Financial & Accounting Solutions.

1. Rigits

Rigits provides virtual bookkeeping services in Los Angeles. If you partner with the firm, you will enjoy quality services within a reasonable time. Rigits will ensure that you are always ready for tax day by filing your returns promptly.

You can hand over your accounts payable and receivable to the company’s professional team. Besides paying your vendors on time, the firm will help you handle invoicing and call collection. If you use QuickBooks, then the firm can help you clean up and update your files. Also, Rigits will ensure your QuickBooks ledger aligns with your bank accounts. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will not have issues with missing transactions.

Rigits will provide insight into your financial status monthly, quarterly, and yearly. The company also specializes in filing and updating 1099 forms. Of course, you can always reach out to the company if you require additional services. Plus, Rigits has impressive customer service and typically replies to any call or email within a short time.

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2. TaxPlus

TaxPlus is an awarding-winning firm providing excellent bookkeeping services in the Los Angeles area. The company has a highly-qualified staff with vast experience in the tax field. Each client working with TaxPlus enjoys individual attention and personalized services.

TaxPlus adapts a confidential and secure system so that you can trust your books and personal tax information in the firm’s hands. Individuals and small businesses in Los Angeles can also benefit from TaxPlus’s accounting services. In addition, the company will supply easy-to-read data explaining critical financial information every month.

TaxPlus partners with UnTax to provide audit representation and tax solutions. If you prefer to work remotely with the company, then you can schedule a video conference on Zoom from the comfort of your home or office. TaxPlus does not charge extra fees for virtual conferencing. After scheduling a meeting, you can forward your relevant tax information to the firm. Then, the company will prepare and send you a draft of your tax filing before the one-hour meeting.

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3. IRBusiness

IRBusiness provides affordable bookkeeping and tax services in Los Angeles. The company serves small to medium-sized businesses as well as individuals. The firm is willing to cater to your accounting needs, from bank reconciliations to payroll processing.

IRBusiness’s payroll services are reasonably affordable. Plus, the company will help you set up a recordkeeping system so you can effectively monitor your cash flow. The available services also include QuickBooks review, setup, and training.

IRBusiness offers business advisory services to plan your company’s future. You can also receive advice relating to:

  • Cash flow analysis
  • Debt and financing
  • Business entity selection and restructuring
  • Business expansion and acquisition analysis
  • Performance metrics

The firm serves a variety of industries, including the legal, manufacturing, healthcare, and construction industries. You can also have your tax filed by the firm’s professional team, who stay current with changing tax laws. You can schedule a meeting with IRBusiness in person or virtually.

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4. Marco Bookkeeping

Marco Bookkeeping is an ideal place to get practical solutions to all your financial and accounting needs. The company uses advanced technology and professional expertise to deliver a commendable service. The company also prepares returns for individuals, businesses, corporations, and non-profits in the Los Angeles area.

Marco Bookkeeping offers tax solutions at an affordable rate. As a result, you can enjoy quality service as you would with a CPA while saving overhead expenses. Also, the provided services are customizable to match your specific needs.

The firm utilizes a computerized bookkeeping system to manage your accounts receivable and payables. Plus, you can delegate your tasks of preparing financial statements and balance sheets to the firm. Marco Bookkeeping will provide monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports so that you can efficiently monitor your business’s financial health.

In addition to bookkeeping and payroll processing, the company offers immigration consultation and notary services.

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5. Maurice Joffe Tax Services

Maurice Joffe Tax Services offers small business bookkeeping services in Los Angeles monthly and quarterly. The firm is more than willing to handle your bank account reconciliations accurately. Therefore, you will be able to identify unauthorized transactions and lost checks as soon as possible.

The company will provide periodic income statements highlighting your business’s financial status. Plus, you can determine areas in which you are overspending or underspending. Maurice Joffe Tax Services also offers a variety of payroll services like:

  • After-the-fact payroll services
  • Comprehensive payroll services
  • Online payroll processing
  • Custom payroll report services

In addition, the company files tax returns for both individuals and businesses. If you are starting a new business, then you can find the business formation services helpful. Maurice Joffe Tax Services will help you pick appropriate accounting software, depending on your budget and specific needs.

Learn more about Maurice Joffe Tax Services.

6. MBA Financial & Accounting Solutions

MBA Financial & Accounting Solutions is one of the trusted bookkeeping firms in Los Angeles. The company gained recognition as a top accounting firm by “Motion Picture and Television Directories” and “PowerAgent News Magazine.” Outsourcing your books to the firm will give you access to a dedicated team of bookkeepers.

MBA’s services include managing clients’ accounts payables and accounts receivables. The bookkeeping firm will ensure that your bank accounts reconcile with your ledger. If you find payroll processing hectic, then you can delegate this duty to MBA. You can also take advantage of the tax preparation services, whether an individual or business owner in Los Angeles.

MBA Financial & Accounting Solutions offers an excellent service with state-of-the-art technology and highly trained tax and accounting professionals. Furthermore, the firm has a qualified team of QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors who can help you find your way around the software. Plus, you will have a dedicated consultant to help you determine the best QuickBooks version to meet your business needs. Additional services provided include tax planning, bank financing, and controller services.

Learn more about MBA Financial & Accounting Solutions.

7. Providence Accounting Group

Providence Accounting Group offers professional bookkeeping services in Los Angeles. You can focus on growing your business while the company remains responsible for your day-to-day financial records. The firm provides the financial expertise you need to keep your books clean. You can enjoy various services, from computing costs and expenses to reviewing financial statements.

Providence Accounting Group can develop strategies to assist you in funding your business. Also, you can process your payroll online at any time. The company works with different industries, including independent contractors, constructor workers, models, and actors.

In addition, the company will help you build a secured credit card system with Wells Fargo.

Learn more about Providence Accounting Group.

8. Fast Tax Services

Fast Time Services is a family-owned business offering over 25 years of experience in tax preparations, bookkeeping, and payroll processing. As the firm’s name implies, Fast Tax Services provides immediate solutions even without clients making an appointment.

You can also enjoy super quick tax return preparations alongside fast refunds. You are free to deliver your tax documents to the firm in person, through emails, or by fax. The firm offers excellent service in English and Spanish. Fast Tax Services also provides easy-to-understand tax guidance for individuals and businesses. You can also outsource your books to the company to receive monthly or quarterly financial statements.

Fast Tax Services’ solutions are available in the city year-round. The firm will tailor the services according to your needs. The staff members are equally friendly and strive to develop a good business relationship with clients. Plus, you will get complimentary refreshments whenever you visit Fast Tax Services’ office.

Learn more about Fast Tax Services.

9 . John W. Weldon, CPA

John W. Weldon, CPA, is a great bookkeeping service provider in Los Angeles. The firm assists small businesses with relevant accounting tasks, including QuickBooks setup and financial statement preparation.

You can reserve a training session for yourself or employees to learn how to use QuickBooks. The firm can also help you choose the right version of the software for your business. John W. Weldon, CPA, serves multiple industries in Los Angeles, including:

  • Technology firms
  • Medical practices
  • Entertainment
  • Real estate

John W. Weldon, CPA, provides IRS problem resolution services for individuals and businesses. The company also specializes in using Xero accounting software. In addition, you can access various tax solutions to minimize your tax and save more money. From 1099s to W-4 and W-9, the firm also can help you file important documents.

Startups and developing businesses will significantly benefit from working with John W. Weldon, CPA. The firm provides professional advice on the best entity for businesses in Los Angeles. In addition, the company partners with BizPayO to create a safe payment platform for clients.

Learn more about John W. Weldon, CPA.

10. Prolific Financial Tax & Accounting

Prolific Financial Tax & Accounting commits to helping businesses in Los Angeles grow. You can outsource your daily bookkeeping tasks to the firm’s professional team. Plus, the company prioritizes clients’ needs and provides better ways to manage cash flow.

Prolific also offers payroll services, from1099 preparation to weekly and monthly accounting summaries. In addition, the company provides professional QuickBooks setup and support. Therefore, you can enjoy all the benefits of using the software.

Alongside bookkeeping with accounting software, the company offers cloud-based accounting services. Therefore, you can safely access your financial data virtually at any time. You can also use the solutions provided by the firm to resolve all your tax issues. Prolific will help you prepare your returns on time and at an affordable rate. You can also benefit from the part-time CFO services, irrespective of your business size. In addition, the firm provides business incorporation services for startups, ranging from entity selection to strategy building.

Learn more about Prolific Financial Tax & Accounting.

11. Roberts Accounting

Roberts Accounting uses the services of expert CPAs knowledgeable in public accounting, bookkeeping, and tax matters. The firm’s owner, Brent Roberts, has over 20 years of experience as a public accountant. You can trust this firm to handle your books with expertise.

The company offers full-service bookkeeping and payroll services in Los Angeles. Outsourcing your business’s financial tasks to Roberts Accounting will save you time and unnecessary expenses. Also, the CPAs are fluent in English, Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian.

You will work closely with dedicated accountants who will provide insight into your business’s financial health. Furthermore, Roberts Accounting serves the Los Angeles area with various tax solutions, from audit representation to tax planning. Alongside being reliable and accurate, Roberts Accounting services are equally cost-effective. The firm will customize your package to suit your business expectations and needs.

You can easily contact the company if you have questions about the available service.

Learn more about Roberts Accounting.

12. Atlantic Tax Services

Atlantic Tax Service provides opportunities to outsource your bookkeeping tasks. With a combined 92 years of executive advisory experience, you can expect the best service from this company.

If you are a startup, partnering with Atlantic Tax Services will benefit your business. The firm will work closely with you to decide on your industry’s most appropriate business entity. Also, the firm can relieve you of the stress of preparing payroll monthly. Your workers will receive payments when due while you gain extra time to invest in yourself or your business.

Furthermore, the firm takes advantage of the ever-changing tax laws to maximize clients’ tax savings. Therefore, you can minimize your financial burden and increase your revenue. The firm also provides audit representations when needed.

Learn more about Atlantic Tax Services.

13. Accurate Income Tax

Accurate Income Tax is one of the cost-effective bookkeeping services in Los Angeles. The company provides accounting solutions for any business size. With these services, you can sit back and watch your business improve. The firm will help you prepare your payroll reports on time, including:

  • W-2s
  • W-3s
  • IRS quarterly reports
  • 1099s
  • 1096s
  • Year-end reconciliation reports

Account Income Tax also covers general ledger reports such as monthly earning reports, account statements, and accounts receivable and payable reports. In addition, you can get solutions to varying tax issues, including back taxes, tax lien, or IRS levies.

If you have questions about the firm’s service, you can contact the company, preferably in person. In addition, you can always reach out to the company if you need solutions on business proposals, marketing, SBA loan package, and notary publics.

Learn more about Accurate Income Tax.


Running a business alongside performing bookkeeping tasks can be a hassle. If you need assistance organizing your books, you can partner with one of these reliable bookkeeping services in the city. This step will spare you enough time to focus on your most essential business needs. Plus, these bookkeeping firms help clients in the city cut unnecessary expenses. Los Angeles is home to several bookkeeping firms with vast experience in diverse industries. You should also consider these firms if you need solutions on tax matters and payroll tasks. With state-of-the-art accounting technology and friendly staff members, you will not regret your partnership with these bookkeeping services in the city.

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FAQ: Bookkeeping services in Los Angeles

Here are answers to questions about bookkeeping services in Los Angeles.

What are the best bookkeeping services in LA?

The best bookkeeping services in LA include John W. Weldon, CPA, Prolific Financial Tax & Accounting, MBA Financial & Accounting Solutions, IRBusiness, Accurate Income Tax, Maurice Joffe Tax Services, and TaxPlus.

What are some good bookkeepers for small businesses in Los Angeles?

Bookkeepers ideal for small businesses in LA include TaxPlus, Prolific Financial & Tax Accounting, IRBusiness, Accurate Income Tax, John W. Weldon, CPA, Providence Accounting Group, and Atlantic Tax Services.

How much do bookkeepers cost in LA?

Depending on the number of transactions, your business size, and the complexity of the work outsourced, a bookkeeper in LA can charge a monthly fee ranging from $200 to $2,500 per month. The cost of hiring a bookkeeper will generally vary by firm. If you are on a low budget, many of these firms can customize the service to a rate you can afford.