20 Best Bookkeeping Services in NYC, NY

20 Best Bookkeeping Services in NYC, NY

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Bookkeeping services in NYC are businesses in New York that help companies keep track of day-to-day financial activities, including revenue and income. Examples include Mclan Accounting Services, LLC, Manhattan Bookkeepers, and Ravyat Accounting. Bookkeeping services enable you to match up your bank statements with your records, and some of them even assist with audits, budgets, and company financing.

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List of bookkeeping services in NYC

To help you choose an experienced agency that can maintain the financial records of your business, the following is a list of the best bookkeeping and tax services in NYC.

1. Rigits.com

Rigits Bookkeeping and Accounting take a comprehensive approach to the process of your books, concentrating on every aspect of your company to ensure that every element remains in balance. Organization is one of the most challenging issues that each small accounting firm must address. Even if you have a reliable accounting system, details can go overlooked, and the system can go awry. You would have to deal with many excel sheets, word documents, and a plethora of numbers and names to keep your accounts afloat.

Rigits.com offers accounts reconciliations, tax returns, financial statements, and Quickbooks cleanup services. You can count on Rigits to keep you apprised of the situation of your company’s finances by preparing monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements. The company’s professionals will also ensure that your bank and Quickbooks records remain in perfect sync to prevent missing financial transactions.

Learn more about Rigits.com.

2. Manhattan Bookkeepers, Inc.

Manhattan Bookkeepers, Inc. is one of the best bookkeeping and payroll services in New York City. The company provides a full complement of CFO and financial analysis services tailored to help small companies grow. The company’s services include cash flow projections, financial models, business planning, and business modeling. Whether you are a sole proprietor or have over 100 employees, the team of certified bookkeepers will help you with all your booking needs.

Learn more about Manhattan Bookkeepers, Inc.

3. Ultimate Tax Preparers

The Ultimate Tax Preparers Inc. is headquartered in Brooklyn, and is a complete accounting and tax preparation business licensed in New York. The company provides various services for entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and freelancers. They have competitive rates and a wealth of relevant expertise to help a company owner who has not been keeping up with the books. Ultimate Tax Preparers Inc. will do your personal income tax return and Schedule C.

The company will show you how to set up a simple process to maintain your records for the consequent years. Clients know they can depend on the company for sound guidance and prompt, precise service. Consumers, corporations, and government entities can benefit from these complete financial services.

Learn more about Ultimate Tax Preparers.

4. McLan Accounting Services, LLC

Located in Brooklyn, New York, McLan Accounting Services LLC is a full-service accounting company committed to meeting its customers’ accounting, tax, and business consulting requirements. In addition, the company gives you access to useful tools on the internet to help you with your taxes and other financial matters. These resources include downloadable tax documents and publications, financial calculators, news, and relevant connections.

The company’s core principles involve assisting locals in acquiring the resources they need for economic success. With their expertise in taxes and accounting, bookkeepers can streamline your operations and accurately safeguard your assets. In addition, the company’s staff take the time to explain every aspect in plain English so that you understand and can participate in every stage of the process.

Learn more about McLan Accounting Service, LLC.

5. Braj Aggarwal, CPA, P.C.

The Melzer and Associates team is dedicated to your company’s development and expansion. This Manhattan accounting firm may be an invaluable resource for your company. Their services include bookkeeping, tax consulting, and guidance with financial software. Since they want to earn your business as a reliable financial partner, the company will tailor their services to meet your firm’s specific requirements.

Learn more about Braj Aggarwal, CPA, P.C.

6. Black Ink Tax & Accounting

Black Ink Tax & Accounting provides small business bookkeeping services in New York City. As a business owner, you are probably too busy operating your small company to do the bookkeeping and accounting tasks independently. Black Ink provides the finest bookkeeping and accounting services, business advisory, and tax preparation services for small companies in the USA on an individual basis. In addition, the company’s expert accountants provide payroll processing, financial reporting, bookkeeping, invoice processing, and credit card administration.

Learn more about Black Ink Tax & Accounting.

7. Rayvat Accounting

Rayvat Accounting was founded in 2006 in response to the rising need for high-quality accounting and bookkeeping services that could help businesses save time and money without sacrificing accuracy. Rayvat has top qualified QuickBooks bookkeepers in New York that work closely with customers to learn how their businesses functions. The company also provides every financial service its clients could possibly need, including tax return preparation, payroll, cash flow management, and accounts receivables. As a result, the firm’s QuickBooks bookkeeping services are among the best available in New York City.

Learn more about Rayvat Accounting.

8. Empire Tax Professionals

Located in New York, the experts at Empire Tax Professionals take great pleasure in the quality of their accounting and bookkeeping services and the loyalty of their clientele. The company has a group of certified public accountants and Enrolled Agents who have worked together for over 60 years and filed thousands of tax returns.

Empire Tax Professionals offers a one-stop shop for accounting, tax, and payroll needs for small businesses. Rachel Michaelov started Empire Tax Professionals and serves as its CEO and founder. She has served as a licensed tax expert for more than ten years.

Learn more about Empire Tax professionals.

9. Basic Pay LLC

Since its founding in 1998, New York-based Basic Pay, LLC has been serving the payroll and tax processing needs of companies and nonprofits. Payroll and tax processing for all 50 states and Puerto Rico, several input options, a web-based H.R. management suite, and electronic pay stubs are just some of the features available from this payroll service provider.

Besides payroll and tax processing, Basic pay also offers payroll cost allocation and a general ledger interface. You can request generic software like QuickBooks or Peachtree or a customized solution. While the company has the technological resources to handle payroll for any business in the United States, the quality of its customer service sets them apart. The staff members go above and above to ensure your paycheck is completed accurately. You will also get the assistance you need promptly without going through the typical voice-prompted menus or issued tickets of modern customer care departments.

Learn more about Basic Pay LLC.

10. Dbooks Bookkeeping

Dbooks Bookkeeping can help you with bookkeeping services in NYC, whether you are the head of a startup, a manager at a mid-sized company, or a sole proprietor. The company’s accounting services are all-inclusive and will help you maintain order in your financial affairs. Dbooks places a premium on happy customers and will do all it takes to keep your patronage. The company’s professionals also take great pleasure in the quality of their work and their willingness to put their expertise to use for you. Time, effort, and patience are important while tracking financial dealings, including purchases, sales, and payments. Dbooks understands that as a company owner or manager, you have many other responsibilities besides paperwork and accounting, and aims to simplify your life.

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11. BookkeeperLive

BookkeeperLive is a novel accounting business with the mission of providing low-cost bookkeeping services to accounting professionals all around the United States. BookkeeperLive recognizes the importance of limiting costs for startups and developing enterprises. The two young men who founded BookkeeperLive were visionaries with an entrepreneurial spirit who saw untapped potential in the accounting industry. The venture’s primary objective is to free up time and resources for CPA firms by relieving them of the burden of keeping their customers’ books and reducing overhead costs.

Learn more about BookkeeperLive.

12. Complete Controller Bookkeeping Service

Complete Controller, based out of New York, offers virtual bookkeeping services in NYC. The accountants will aid you in achieving your objective of always having up-to-date, accurate, and easily available financial data. Complete Controller aims to meet the need of company owners to save costs on accounting without giving up the advantages of full-time accounting staff. Complete Controller will pair your business with a specialized bookkeeper who will rapidly learn your specific requirements. Your bookkeeper will keep your records up to date, interact effectively with you and your staff, and do all work remotely. In addition, through the company’s safe cloud service, you and your staff may access all of your financial records whenever you need them.

Learn more about Complete Controller Bookkeeping Service.

13. Comprehensive Hospitality Solutions, LLC

Comprehensive Hospitality Solutions, LLC is a seasoned hospitality sector accounting service with vast expertise working with restaurants. Neeta Hemlall, the company’s CEO, has worked in the hotel and food service business for the last 12 years in various positions, including CFO, Controller, and V.P. of Operations. Neema Consulting’s previous work experience includes accounting system implementation, cost management, budgeting, forecasting, cost accounting, financial statement preparation, and cash flow enhancement.

Learn more about Comprehensive Hospitality Solutions, LLC.

14. MWJ Consultancy

Trusted by more than 800 customers all around the world, MWJ Consultancy offers professional bookkeeping services in NYC, particularly on Long Island. The company’s services are designed to boost the efficiency of your company. For the last decade, MWJ Consultancy has been the go-to firm for their clients’ tax and accounting needs. Their experts will fill you in on the particulars that matter to your line of work.

Bookkeeping, year-end close, and tax prep and filing are just a few of their financial and professional accounting services. In addition, the company’s professionals will offer insights, updates, and business solutions to continuously improve your company and promote expansion. They also help customers resolve their issues by providing technical assistance for popular accounting programs from QuickBooks and Sage to TurboTax and Xero, as well as Quicken and TurboCASH.

Learn more about MWJ Consultancy.

15. Gerstein Tax Services

Gerstein Tax Service is a tax preparation firm located in Brooklyn, New York. For almost 40 years, residents of Brooklyn and beyond have relied on Gerstein Tax Service for assistance with filing their personal and company tax returns. The company’s team of professionals commits to providing its customers with the best possible service at an affordable rate while maximizing their potential tax savings. These experts guide various tax matters such as Individual Tax Preparation, Trusts, Estates, and Legacy Tax Planning. Including taxes in your evaluations of financial and life planning options is crucial. Gerstein Tax Service is here to give you the assurance you need to make those tough choices.

Learn more about Gerstein Tax Services.

16. Maureen Cross, CPA

Maureen is committed to assisting New York City’s sole proprietors, small businesses, and individuals with all their accounting requirements. Her customers rely on her for the ideal combination of affordable accounting and bookkeeping services and sound financial guidance. Hercomprehensive range of accounting services includes:

  • Cash flow analysis and management
  • Budgeting
  • Setting up books for new businesses
  • Payroll processing services
  • Outsourced bookkeeping and accounting
  • QuickBooks™ setup and support

Maureen Cross can also guide you through the process of launching a brand-new enterprise.

Learn more about Maureen Cross,

17. M&P Tax Services

For over four decades, M & P Tax Service & Consultants in Brooklyn, New York, has serviced individuals and companies of all sizes. M & P Tax Service and Consultants is a full-service tax and payroll assistance provider for businesses of all sizes, from sole proprietors to multinational conglomerates. The list of services includes:

  • Tax Preparation
  • Audit Services
  • New Business Formation
  • Payroll Services ​
  • Financial Planning ​
  • Bookkeeping Support

The company’s first priority is giving its customers the individualized service they deserve.

Learn more about M & P Tax Services.


The investment in the bookkeeper’s services may seem minimal, but the payoff is substantial. Hiring a bookkeeper can save you from unexpected tax penalties, late payments, or human errors and offers seamless cash flow. A bookkeeper’s contributions to a business are substantial. You may save a ton of cash and time by using bookkeeping services. When choosing a bookkeeper or bookkeeping services in NYC to manage your finances, you must research their track record to verify they are honest and have a track record of satisfying their customers’ needs.

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FAQ: FAQ: Bookkeeping services in NYC

Here are frequently asked questions about Bookkeeping Services in NYC.

What are the best bookkeeping services in NYC?

Some of the best bookkeeping services in NYC include M&P Tax Services, Complete Controller Bookkeeping Services, and Empire Tax Professionals. Bookkeepers offer many services, so if you are in the market for one, you should search for an individual or business that has expertise in your specific sector, is computer savvy, and has a clear grasp on the best practices and procedures in the accounting world.

What are some good bookkeepers for small businesses in New York City?

Some great bookkeepers for small businesses in New York City include Maureen Cross CPA, Sasserath & Zoraian, LLP, and BookkeeperLive. A professional bookkeeper may help you prevent wasteful errors, fines, and penalties by keeping you apprised of any supply or inventory mismanagement.

How much do bookkeepers cost in New York City?

The cost of hiring a bookkeeping business to manage your financial statements and other services may vary depending on many factors, such as whether the work will be performed in-house, by an external service provider, or some combination. It is up to you whether to delegate the task of preparing financial statements to bookkeepers or give them a high-level overview while you continue handling the details yourself. The cost of hiring an accounting company that can handle your calculations will be higher than hiring one that can take fewer of them.

The annual cost of a full-time bookkeeper might range from $30,000 to $58,000. Hourly prices for part-time or contracted work vary from $600 to $1,200 per month.ice to a rate you can afford.