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Bookkeeping services in Boston can assist small and medium-sized companies with accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll functions. These services are a helpful solution that maintains financial accuracy while allowing your business to focus on its core function. For example, you can hire companies that process payables, complete tax filings, and advise on how to improve your cash flow. In addition, by providing scalable options and flexible pricing, these bookkeeping services can make running your company an easier task.

cartoon of computer and graph chartsThis list includes:

  • small business bookkeeping services in Boston
  • virtual bookkeeping services in Boston
  • professional bookkeeping services in Boston
  • bookkeeping and tax services in Boston
  • bookkeeping and payroll services in Boston

Here is the list!

List of best bookkeeping services in Boston

From performing bookkeeping for self-employed workers to assisting companies with staff members on payroll, here are several bookkeeping services in Boston ready to get you in balance!

1. Rigits

That’s us, we’re Rigits! So, we don’t have a physical presence in Boston BUT have you considered you might not need a local bookkeeper? We’re 100% remote (although based in California) and serve clients all over the country. We have clients all over the country that we serve remotely.

If you’re dead-set on a local firm, see our list of great ones below.

We do financial statement preparation, cash and accrual bookkeeping, accounts payable and receivable, 1099 filing, and customized services tailored to our individual clients. We work at a flat monthly fee starting at $695 per month, so there’s no surprise billing for you at month-end. We offer a free consultation where we go through your books and flag areas that need fixing or investigation.

Learn more about Rigits.

2. Nativance

As a small business bookkeeping service in Boston, Nativance is all about workable solutions. This company specializes in helping nonprofits with their nuanced bookkeeping needs and startups navigate areas like business growth and process improvement.

With Nativance, small businesses can tap into bookkeeping services such as:

  • Accounts payable tracking and vendor payments
  • Accounts receivable tracking and customer invoices
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Period end journal entries, balancing, and reporting
  • filing and year-end 1099 preparation

Nativance utilizes QuickBooks to help companies maintain their bookkeeping. Their services will assist in creating billing and invoicing processes to make the work quick and easy. In addition, this software assists the firm’s virtual bookkeeping services in Boston, helping with inventory control, financial reporting, and end-of-year tax preparation.

Nativance knows that accuracy is key in bookkeeping. With qualified CPAs on staff to handle the books, companies ranging from small businesses and nonprofits to larger-sized operations will benefit from this company’s experience.

Their interim CFO service provides access to financial professionals who can guide complex financial considerations, such as business strategy and cash flow maintenance.

You can learn about pricing for services during a consultation. In addition to paid services, the company offers several free resources on its website. For example, you can find a blog featuring informative articles, bookkeeping guides, and a podcast featuring Nativance founder Laura Glennon.

Learn more about Nativance.


BFA, LLC is one of the more comprehensive professional bookkeeping services in Boston. This firm covers functions from outsourced bookkeeping and notary services to business audits to help you fine-tune your operation.

Businesses needing accounting professionals can tap into BFA, LLC’s bookkeeping and financial statement. If you are buying or selling a business or starting a new enterprise, this firm is available to help. To ensure an organization is ready to carry its tax burden, BFA, LLC helps with planning and preparation.

Though determining service prices requires an appointment, The BFA, LLC website promises professional services at a fair price. In addition, you can find various free business resources on the site, including financial calculators, IRS forms, and an IRS withholding calculator.

Learn more about BFA, LLC.

4. BooksTime

Located in nearby Newton, Massachusetts, BooksTime makes easy work of accounting and bookkeeping functions, helping small businesses stay on track. The company’s streamlined services leverage the latest technology to minimize client costs. Per their website, prices at BooksTime are 20% to 50% lower than competing services. BooksTime even offers customers a best price guarantee.

With BooksTime, clients pair up with dedicated bookkeepers with experience in the client’s industry and knowledge of the most up-to-date bookkeeping software. The company’s 100% Accuracy guarantee ensures the integrity of all accounts and reports. Clear and accurate reporting from BooksTime makes it easy to understand where your business stands financially.

From a financial standpoint, BooksTime offers accrual accounting, an essential consideration for some companies. Accrual accounting provides a more timely, accurate picture of a company’s finances, sometimes an IRS requirement. BooksTime can also provide cash accounting for companies that prefer this method.

Pricing for BooksTime services begins at $355.00 per month for companies processing up to $25,375.00 in monthly expenditures. Rates for more comprehensive services and add-ons require a consultation.

Learn more about BooksTime.

5. Dimov Tax Specialists

The Dimov Tax Specialists team are detail-oriented professionals specializing in tax preparation. This firm also offers a full suite of bookkeeping and accounting services for small and medium-sized businesses. Rather than restricting their software use to the ever-popular QuickBooks, Dimov works with other platforms to accommodate customer needs. In addition, all senior staff at Dimov are CPAs, providing quality assurance for this important work.

For companies in need of bookkeeping help, Dimov can provide monthly and quarterly reporting. Their processing packages include accounts receivables, including tracking of aged accounts, accounts payable and payment approvals, and account reconciliations. Payroll for teams of any size is a crucial service, and sales tax reporting on whichever frequency the client requires.

In addition to bookkeeping and tax services in Boston, Dimov also offers financial statement audits and audit representation, which can be helpful during stressful IRS reviews. Consulting on more complex topics, such as real estate and IPO taxes for larger companies, is part of their suite of services.

Learn more about Dimov Tax.

6. Steel Breeze Accounting & Tax

As a family-owned firm, Steel Breeze comes with over 40 years of combined experience in bookkeeping and accounting. Beyond bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation, this firm also offers CFO services to help guide small companies to their best results, whether that includes keeping business steady or determining how to make it grow. In addition, businesses needing advisory and auditory services can find guidance covering a range of industries.

Steel Breeze offers a complete selection of tax assistance, from individual taxes to foreign income inclusions. One of their more unique offerings is tax advisement on cryptocurrency. Their website includes helpful information, including FAQs on income from digital revenue.

Companies can set up a consultation to learn about pricing for bookkeeping services.

Learn more about Steel Breeze Accounting & Tax.

7. Juna Financial Solutions

Juna provides team-based assistance focusing on the needs of entrepreneurs and small business owners. Founders Jean Zick and Alicia Amaral come from small business family backgrounds, giving them insight into the unique challenges and requirements posed by modest-sized companies. This organization prides itself on being flexible, offering high-level accounting skills, and using technology to enhance the client experience.

Among their accounting services, Juna offers day-to-day bookkeeping that includes processing payables, receivables, and payroll. The company also provides fixed asset accounting and can create employee expense reports to track expenditures accurately.

Financial reporting at Juna falls under the heading of Controller Services. The team will help create a real-time image of your company’s economic health. Beyond financial reporting, advisement on increasing profitability and request cash flow statements are also part of Juna’s service suite. Juna can also meet with auditors, tax accountants, and bankers for more complex functions. And when it comes to financial strategy, CFO services from Juna can guide you in forecasting cash flow and financial projections, important aspects when growing your enterprise.

You can reach out online to schedule a consultation, which includes pricing information.

Learn more about Juna Financial Solutions.

8. Edelstein & Company, LLP

Edelstein & Company is an award-winning CPA firm serving the Boston community for over 50 years. Small businesses can receive scalable services from financial reporting to CFO guidance, depending on their needs. In addition, advisory services from Edelstein & Company can help companies in startup mode get their bearings and assist larger organizations looking to improve their operations.

Small businesses can take advantage of Client Accounting Solutions, or CAS, through Edelstein & Company. This software-based solution helps companies with monthly transaction processing and reporting if these are all an organization needs. The Bookkeeping + Advising package adds on account reconciliation, payroll, bill payment, and account management for more extensive assistance. These add-ons can remove the headache of accurate bookkeeping while keeping your information in one place.

If your company needs a business valuation for any reason, Edelstein & Company can help. Their team can provide forensic accounting to identify possible fraud, serving as mediators on behalf of companies to assist with complicated financial matters. The firm also offers a suite of other business services such as global for worldwide companies and healthcare advisory for medical practices.

Anyone needing tax processing for individuals or businesses of any size can also find services at Edelstein & Company. A comprehensive list of offerings makes it easy for businesses to get all necessary services in one place.

Learn more about Edelstein & Company, LLP.

9. Marcum LLP

Marcum’s team of qualified accounting professionals with diverse backgrounds gives small and mid-sized businesses an advantage when choosing an offsite bookkeeper. The Boston office is one of many locations around the world. Marcum covers a wide range of industries, with internet content creation, entertainment, and food and beverage included in the list.

In addition to accounting services and financial statement preparation, this firm specializes in tax-exempt businesses, an excellent feature for charitable organizations needing quality bookkeeping. For the more complicated financial matters a business can face, Marcum can handle wealth management to maximize your assets and bankruptcy and insolvency issues should a company find itself in a dire situation.

You can set up a consultation to discuss pricing for accounting and bookkeeping services through Marcum.

Learn more about Marcum LLP.

10. Nomers Biz

Nomers Biz is a small business accounting company that began operations in 1995. This company aims to understand its clients as individuals to address individual business needs better and maintain healthy partnerships. With simplified solutions that are cost-effective and sensible, Nomers Biz hones in on their clients’ financial and accounting needs, taking on daily work that allows companies to focus on their core business.

Small businesses and startups can find helpful real-time bookkeeping and payroll services in Boston among Nomers Biz’s options. These services allow timely cash flow analysis whenever a client needs up-to-date numbers. Account set-up, payables and receivables, and period- and year-end processing are all included on the list, letting businesses customize their selections. If your business has employees on staff, then you can also choose payroll services and HR and benefits administration. Tax time is a breeze, too, with the team’s efficient tax advisement and preparation.

When it comes time for your business to grow, Nomers Biz can assist you with financial analysis and projections and even help put together presentations for the board. If you decide to start a new business from scratch, you can also find business formation help from the team.

Nomers Biz offers a straightforward pricing structure with four simple packages. The base price is $500.00 monthly for companies processing up to 250 transactions per month. The package includes payroll for up to 10 employees and an annual tax filing. Every 250 transactions and 20 extra employees adds $500.00 to the price, reaching $2000.00 monthly for up to 1000 transactions and 70 employees. A consultation will determine fees for other services.

Learn more about Nomers Biz.

11. Supporting Strategies

Supporting Strategies, established in 2004, has grown to become a prominent player in the accounting and financial support services industry. Headquartered in Boston, MA, the company began franchising in 2013. Since then, it has expanded significantly with over 80 independently-owned franchises. The core offerings of Supporting Strategies include comprehensive accounting, bookkeeping, and controller services. Their operational support is tailored to meet the unique needs of various business sectors. They have carved a niche in servicing specific industries such as law firms, non-profits, and healthcare organizations.

One of the standout features of Supporting Strategies is their specialized reporting capabilities. They offer a range of detailed reports including weekly cash flash reports, forecasting, and analysis based on class, location, and budget. 

In addition to these core services, Supporting Strategies also offers a variety of ad hoc services. This includes the preparation of 1099 forms, sales tax filings, and providing assistance with financial audits, and business insurance audits and onboarding, streamlines payroll administration, and management of benefits and Paid Time Off (PTO) plans.

Learn more about Supporting Strategies

12. Bookkeeping Boston

This smaller firm is unique by offering personal finance services in addition to business services. Boston Bookkeeping is the right choice for a smaller business or individual who needs personalized bookkeeping services. It’s run by Maria, who is the sole bookkeeper and owner. Boston Bookkeping’s accounting platform is QuickBooks (Desktop and Online), which she will help you migrate to if you’re not already using it.

For business clients, Bookkeeping Boston offers a suite of services to streamline your financial processes. If you need help with creating and managing budgets, managing online bill payments, organizing financial documents, or even dealing with debt consolidation, Maria can assist you. She also assists with IRS or MA State Audit documentation.

Individuals, especially seniors or those managing elderly relatives’ finances, can find a range of services including money management, regular bill payments, tax preparation, and assistance with financial aspects of divorce. Maria also offers debt consolidation services. Additionally, Bookkeeping Boston offers specialized forensic accounting services. If you suspect financial discrepancies, such as theft, fraud, or embezzlement, Maria can conduct thorough investigations into your expenditures, assets, and investments to either prove or disprove financial misconduct.

Learn more about Bookkeeping Boston

13. Jean Patrick Romain, CPA

Jean Patrick Romain, CPA, caters to a wide array of clients, including those running home-based businesses and small to medium-sized companies with staff. This firm offers targeted specialization for construction, healthcare, and real estate industries. In addition to tax and monthly bookkeeping, they also do organization and cleanup of financial records.

Romain’s bookkeeping services include accounts payable and receivable – covering the work of managing invoices, deposits, and collections. They also offer essential services like bank reconciliations and inventory management, and payroll processing.

This firm stands out for attestation services, which are particularly valuable for businesses interacting with creditors, private investors, or shareholders. They provide three levels of financial statements, each offering a different degree of assurance. The compilation service is ideal for internal and third-party use without formal verification. Review services offer limited assurance and are more thorough than compilations. For the most comprehensive service, Romain conducts audits in line with Generally Accepted Auditing Standards, ensuring the highest level of financial scrutiny and verification.

This firm is ideal for businesses who want tax and bookkeeping services all under one roof, or businesses or individuals with complex tax situations or disputes with the IRS.

Learn more at Jean Patrick Romain, CPA

14. Bookkeeper by Trade

Bookkeeper by Trade, led by Sarah Williams, provides an array of bookkeeping services tailored to meet the needs of creative professionals and service providers.

For those who simply want peace of mind with their existing bookkeeping processes, Sarah offers review and cleanup of  financial records. In addition to these services, Bookkeeper by Trade assists with budgeting and cash flow management, job costing for great insight into profitability, handling accounts payable and receivable, conducting Workers’ compensation audits, automating receipt management, and even offers notary services. 

Williams also offers financial coaching with a focus on achieving work-life balance and financial freedom. Her programs include a 90-day intensive course as well as personalized coaching options. For small business owners who prefer to handle their bookkeeping in-house but need guidance, Bookkeeper by Trade’s QuickBooks training program might be the right solution. This course covers the basics of using QuickBooks software, instructs on how to accurately close books monthly or quarterly, and teaches how to interpret and utilize financial reports. This training is particularly valuable for those who are not yet ready to fully outsource their bookkeeping but want to ensure they are managing their finances correctly and efficiently.

Learn more at Bookkeeper by Trade

15. Tax Beasts

Tax Beasts has been in operation for 25 years and has grown to a team of 45 employees. They’re a solid choice if you’re running an established business and need a range of CPA and investment services. Here’s what they can do for you:

Audit and Assurance: This is official attestation which is required for certain businesses requiring an official audit, government reporting, or shareholder statements. 

Investment Management: They offer expertise in managing business investments, a crucial aspect for any growing business.

Advanced Financial Reporting: For those who need detailed insights into their financial health, Tax Beasts provides comprehensive reporting services.

Loan Management: They also assist in managing business loans, a key service for companies looking to maintain control over their financial commitments.

Financial Planning, Analysis, and Benchmarking: Tax Beasts aids in strategic financial planning and analysis, including benchmarking against industry standards.

Additionally, Tax Beasts has established banking relationships, beneficial for businesses seeking customized banking solutions.

They offer three service plans: Starter, Basic, and Advanced, each coming with the convenience of 24/7 support. This structure ensures that businesses of different sizes and needs can find a suitable service package.

Learn more at Tax Beasts

16. Huntington Tax Partners

Huntington Tax Partners is a firm that specializes in bookkeeping, tax preparation, tax planning, and business advisory services. The team is unique in that it consists of Northeastern University alumni, each with a Master of Science in Accounting. This educational background contributes to the firm’s strong foundation in accounting principles and practices.

Their bookkeeping suite of service include QuickBooks training, company performance evaluations, standard financial reporting, basic accruals, and bank reconciliations. Huntington Tax Partners stands out for its commitment to personalized service, treating each client with the utmost respect and attention to detail. 

They also assist with business formation and entity selection, which is crucial for new businesses determining their legal structure. The firm also provides guidance on acquisitions and sales, like-kind exchanges, and strategic planning, essential for businesses looking to grow or navigate complex transactions. Their tax services are equally comprehensive, catering to both individuals and entities. This includes handling multi-state and international reporting, which can be particularly challenging due to varying tax laws and regulations.

Learn more at Huntington Tax Partners

17. Boston Startup CFO

Boston Startup CFO stands out in the financial services sector with its focus on small businesses and startups. The firm’s team members have an average of 20 years in financial leadership across diverse industries. This includes direct involvement in startup environments and personal experiences in launching their own companies – essential experience needed when offering advice to startups. In addition to standard services, Boston Startup CFO goes a step further by offering mentoring and office hours. 

Their bookkeeping covers transaction processing and cash reconciliations to GAAP/accrual-based accounting. They handle accounts receivable, accounts payable, and inventory tracking, and are skilled in managing complex charts of accounts. The firm ensures monthly closings and journal entries, along with both basic and complex financial reporting. For businesses that require it, they also offer a monthly financial reporting package, compliance with grant requirements, investor reports, and catch-up bookkeeping services.

Boston Startup CFO’s fractional CFO services, starting as low as $500 per month, are particularly beneficial for startups needing expert financial oversight without the cost of a full-time CFO. These services include cash management, 13-week cash flow forecasting, revenue and COGS projections, and thorough pricing and profitability analysis. They also focus on financial controls, corporate governance, and offer assistance with banking relationships and lender negotiations. For startups looking towards growth, they provide audit preparation, fundraising support including pitch preparation and term sheet evaluation, cap table management, and exit strategy planning.

Learn more at Boston Startup CFO

18. NM Advisors

NM Advisors, known formally as Nielson, McDonough and Company, is a firm where the owners and employees come from entrepreneurial backgrounds. This experience is particularly valuable as they work with larger companies and startups. Their industry expertise lies in hospitality, real estate, and construction.

The bookkeeping services at NM Advisors are comprehensive, encompassing inventory management, bookkeeping clean-up, and maintaining the general ledger. They also handle essential tax forms like 1099s and 1096, payroll processing, bill paying, invoicing, deposits, and collections, along with bank reconciliations. 

They also offer fractional CFO services, ideal for businesses that need strategic financial leadership. Their services include cash flow forecasting, business and succession planning, and assistance with bank financing. For companies facing complex financial situations, they provide forensic accounting and business valuation services. Additionally, they offer advice for new business formation, a critical service for entrepreneurs navigating the early stages of their business journey.

Unique to their services is the availability of financial calculators on their website, offering tools for a range of needs including cash flow, tuition expenses, credit, mortgages, insurance, investing, retirement, taxation, and saving goals. 

Learn more at NM Advisors

19. Tristan CPA

Tristan CPA, managed by Tristan Nguyen, who holds both a CPA and an MBA, has been offering accounting services for six years. A notable aspect of this firm is that all client accounts are directly overseen by a CPA, ensuring professional handling of your financial matters.

The firm prides itself on three key principles: efficiency, transparency, and consistency. These values are reflected in the range of services they offer:

QuickBooks Review and Cleanup: If your QuickBooks data needs sorting out or you’re looking for a more streamlined setup, they’ve got you covered.

Monthly Bookkeeping: This includes daily record-keeping, managing accounts payable and receivable, and preparing month-end financial statements. It’s ideal for businesses that need regular, detailed updates on their financial status.

Payroll Services: For businesses with employees, Tristan CPA can handle the intricacies of payroll, ensuring everyone gets paid on time and all the necessary records are accurately kept. Tristan CPA modernizes the process of handling quarterly and yearly statements by filing them electronically. This includes providing electronic copies for your records and paper W-2s and 1099s for your employees and contractors. 

Tax Preparation and Planning: They offer comprehensive tax services, from preparation to strategic planning, helping you optimize your tax position.

Learn more at Tristan CPA

20. George R. Baxendale, CPA

George R. Baxendale CPA offers a broad spectrum of services that extend beyond bookkeeping, encompassing business and individual tax, business advisory, and risk advisory services. This comprehensive approach is particularly beneficial for clients who require more than just basic bookkeeping. The firm has carved out a niche in serving non-profits and tech startups.

As Certified QuickBooks Advisors, the team at George R. Baxendale CPA is equipped to offer bookkeeping and accounting services. Their flexibility as software agnostic professionals means they don’t limit themselves to a single accounting platform. This versatility is useful for clients who may be using different software systems or require guidance in choosing the best accounting software for their needs.

International taxation services form a significant part of their offerings, catering to businesses and individuals with financial interests beyond the U.S. They also represent and protect their clients in various challenging scenarios such IRS audits, liens and levies, and offer guidance in cases of bankruptcy and wage garnishment. 

Learn more at George R. Baxendale CPA, Inc.

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Bookkeepers in Boston come in various shapes and sizes, from individual CPAs to full accounting and tax teams. Businesses have a healthy selection of services that covers vast needs. Whether your company needs help with day-to-day transactions or requires a more comprehensive growth strategy, you can find affordable, high-quality bookkeepers in Boston that fit the bill.

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Bookkeeping services in Boston

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about bookkeeping services in Boston.

What are the best bookkeeping services in Boston?

Rigits is one of the best bookkeeping services in Boston, with remote services that make it easy for small businesses to keep their finances on track. Marcum, LLP is an international firm with a Boston office that provides accounting services, wealth advisement, and in-depth tax assistance for more complex companies in various industries. Dimov Tax Specialists utilize QuickBooks to make processing easy for clients and bookkeepers. This firm also offers CFO services for companies needing more robust financial guidance.

How much do bookkeepers cost in Boston?

Bookkeepers in Boston come at a range of costs. Fees depend on company size and services needed. BooksTimes offers small-business packages starting at $355.00 per month for company transactions totaling up to $25,375.00. BooksTime offers packages starting at $500.00 per month, with bookkeeping for up to 250 transactions and payroll processing for up to 10 employees. Each package above the basic adds $500.00 to the price for additional transactions and employees. Pricing for other bookkeeping services in Boston requires consultations with each company’s representatives. This allows the teams to determine what services make sense for the client and offer pricing that reflects the need and complexity of the bookkeeping work involved.

What are some good bookkeepers for small businesses in Boston?

Good bookkeepers for small businesses in Boston include Edelstein & Company, LLP, an award-winning CPA firm that offers a suite of individual services and Client Accounting Solutions packages that give companies sets of services that make sense for their needs. Juna is an ideal mid-sized bookkeeping firm that provides the basics of bookkeeping and reporting while offering controller and CFO services that can help you take your business to the next level of success. BooksTime in nearby Newton, Massachusetts, helps small businesses keep their books in order with streamlined technology, allowing competitive pricing at 20% to 50% less than competitors’ prices.