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Bookkeeping services in Chicago are helpful options for start-ups and small- to medium-sized businesses that need help with their financial records. These services may include full bookkeeping handled by an outside firm or assistance with QuickBooks or other accounting software. For example, you can find companies that will process daily and monthly transactions, produce financial statements, and handle tax processing. In addition, bookkeeping services can take tedious work out of running a business, freeing up owners to focus on their core operations.

woman in circular hub surrounded by reports and financialsThis list includes:

  • small business bookkeeping services in Chicago
  • virtual bookkeeping services in Chicago
  • professional bookkeeping services in Chicago
  • bookkeeping and tax services in Chicago
  • bookkeeping and payroll services in Chicago

Here is the list!

List of bookkeeping services in Chicago

From processing payroll for your employees to ensuring your tax audit goes as smoothly as possible, here are some bookkeeping services in Chicago that can help you keep business in check!

1. Rigits

Meet Rigits (that’s us!) We don’t have a physical presence in Chicago but thanks to the power of cloud computing we are available wherever you are.

Definitely need a local firm? We’ve handpicked a list of fantastic local firms below for those who prefer them.

Our bookkeeping solutions include financial statement preparation, cash flow management, streamlined accounts processing, and custom-tailored solutions to suit every business. Our approach to pricing? A straightforward monthly fee starting from $695, with no hidden surprises.

Since 2016, co-founders Julia and Elizabeth have been building a firm where precision meets reliability. Our clientele? A vibrant mix including tech startups, local cafes, thriving daycares, and creative marketing agencies, among others.

Choosing Rigits means opting for peace of mind. Our values – proactive problem-solving, constant improvement, and empowering our clients – are at the heart of everything we do. We’re not just bookkeepers; we’re your financial partners, ensuring your books are as spotless as our reputation.

Learn more about Rigits.

2. Amber’s Bookkeeping

Amber’s Bookkeeping uses QuickBooks software to simplify bookkeeping tasks and get your accounting in shape. With years of experience as both a professional organizer and a full-service bookkeeper, owner Amber Malone is an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor who offers her skills to businesses in need of accounting assistance. Amber’s focus is service-based companies, with a client list that includes breweries, nail salons, and cleaning services with annual revenue from $150,000 to $2,000,000.

Amber’s Bookkeeping provides project-based bookkeeping to identify errors and bring accounts up to date for businesses that need a hand cleaning up past accounting issues. If QuickBooks is already in use, this firm can provide a diagnostic review and prescribe fixes to correct your books. This service is beneficial for companies that have operated without regular bookkeeping and may have let their monthly entries lapse.

Companies needing monthly bookkeeping can hire this firm for general functions such as bank and credit card reconciliation and transaction processing, as well as advanced functions like financial report processing and QuickBooks support. Services come in Essential, Advanced, and Premier packages, with custom pricing determined during a phone assessment. Rather than billing by the hour, Amber’s Bookkeeping proposes a yearly price based on a business’s needs.

Learn more about Amber’s Bookkeeping.

3. Excel Bookkeeping & Tax Services

Individuals and businesses can count on expert bookkeeping support from Excel Bookkeeping and Tax Services in Chicago. This firm is ready to assist with new business set-up and can help with accounting processes and tax preparation. Services include QuickBooks set-up and support to make transaction processing a breeze.

Excel offers incorporation and advisory services for emerging businesses to ensure your company is set up properly from the offset. Their team can figure out the most beneficial tax approach for your company, a critical step for a new entity. Organizations needing a sound business plan can tap into Excel’s experience to understand the pros and cons of different types of incorporation.

Small businesses seeking general accounting and bookkeeping will find Excel’s suite of services helpful. This firm is ready to take care of your payables, receivables, and payroll tasks, preparing reconciliations and assisting with budgeting to keep your accounts on track. Using QuickBooks as the preferred software means companies can rely on Excel for training and guidance, with in-person assistance.

Businesses looking for pricing can complete the consultation form online or reach out via phone.

Learn more about Excel Bookkeeping & Tax Services.

4. FinancePal

FinancePal offers virtual bookkeeping services in Chicago that streamline the accounting process for a clean and easy experience. Founders Jacob Dayan and Nick Charveron each have more than a decade of experience in the finance industry. With a customizable suite of essentials and a dedicated U.S.-based bookkeeping team assisting, companies can hand off their accounting tasks and return to their core functions.

If you have fallen behind on your journal entries or cannot get your accounts to balance, then FinancePal will help you get your books up to speed. In addition to recording daily and monthly transactions and processing payroll, this firm can prepare balance sheets and income statements to provide updated views of your company’s financial position. In addition, accounts payable and receivable services will keep your vendors and customers current, and tax preparation can make tax season less stressful.

FinancePal’s online payroll services are flexible for businesses of all sizes and include detailed recordkeeping and forms processing for both W2 and 1099 workers. FinancePal can help with entity selection and forms processing for newly formed companies to ensure your business gets off to a winning start. Personalized business consultations from the firm ensure that you have one-on-one advice to take the worry out of operating and growing your organization.

Services are available a la carte or as inclusive packages. You can also contact FinancePal directly through their website to learn more about which options will suit you best and receive a custom quote based on your level of need.

Learn more about Finance Pal.

5. System Six

The CPAs and bookkeepers at System Six function like a championship team, combining their skills and experience to benefit clients. The firm utilizes the latest in cloud technology to provide top-level service, whether a company requires simple bookkeeping or more involved financial advisement.

With QuickBooks at the core of its offerings, System Six begins with a discovery process to learn the current state of a company’s books. The team recommends and performs any necessary clean-up and develops process improvements. These improvements may include new online services for bill payments and reporting tools. Once everything is in order, System Six provides an estimate for ongoing weekly bookkeeping and identifies client responsibilities.

In addition to the standard bookkeeping services, System Six offers a team-based approach to their work. Their bookkeepers are cross-trained between companies to ensure that clients always have competent coverage. Their professionals aim to improve the financial state of the businesses they service by identifying sources of loss and helping maximize potential revenue through virtual CFO processes.

You can complete the contact form on the System Six website to learn about pricing.

Learn more about System Six.

6. BM Accounting and Tax, Inc.

With BM Account and Tax, Inc., small business owners can handle their accounting, bookkeeping, and tax processing with a single firm. This outlet is Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor Advanced Online, which qualifies them to provide any necessary software training a client may need. The certification also allows BM Account and Tax, Inc. to maximize QuickBooks’ functions to ensure accuracy and timeliness.

BM Account and Tax, Inc. provides bookkeeping and payroll services in Chicago, as well as creating financial reporting that help small business stay on top of their finances. The firm can assist with QuickBooks set-up and guidance if a company is new to using the software. In addition to monthly bookwork, businesses can request regular reviews of their books and year-end clean-up to ensure the numbers are clean for tax processing.

When tax time rolls around, BM Account and Tax, Inc. can help ensure a company receives every deduction and benefit possible. The firm keeps up to date on the most current tax laws, which can be a significant source of stress for small business owners. Individuals, as well as partnerships and corporations, can tap into this benefit to make tax reporting an easier and more welcoming process. Should a company have prior tax issues, the firm can also assist with IRS representation to resolve the matter.

You can determine which services you need and discuss prices with an email or phone call consultation.

Learn more about BM Accounting and Tax, Inc.

7. Caramagno and Associates

Caramagno and Associates is a boutique CPA firm offering small business bookkeeping services in Chicago. This company’s products range from full-service accounting to budgeting advisement to help a business keep its goals in sight and grow sustainably. Clients include established companies, start-ups, and individuals, a plus for small business owners who need guidance.

Full-service accounting from Caramagno and Associates extends beyond the usual functions. This firm’s plan allows clients to seek assistance when applying for loans and create workable budgets. When it comes to your employee’s needs, Caramagno and Associates help with retirement and insurance in addition to payroll. These services can come in handy as a business expands and takes on greater financial responsibility.

With virtual bookkeeping from this firm, you can count on accurate and available information about your finances. Monthly or quarterly reports will keep you updated, no matter the size of your business. If your company is a start-up, then Caramagno and Associates can guide you through the initial tax set-up and stand by you through year-end tax filing. You can also get help choosing the correct entity for your company’s needs and creating a plan for future growth.

Caramagno and Associates provides a free consultation to discuss services and pricing details.

Learn more about Caramagno and Associates.

8. Complete Controller

Complete Controller provides an array of options for small businesses searching for professional bookkeeping services in Chicago. Virtual accounting processes allow this firm to utilize talent from around the U.S.

Every client works with a bookkeeper and controller team consisting of QuickBooks-certified accountants. Bookkeepers must pass a strict skills test to ensure they have high enough proficiency for this firm. Controllers are on hand to supervise and review the bookkeepers’ work for an added layer of accuracy and security. Businesses can choose vendor payment and customer billing services, as well as budgeting and forecasting, to guide future growth. Complete Controller also provides on-demand performance-based reporting to keep their clients on top of trends to inform critical decisions.

Complete Controller’s cloud-based record retention with data encryption and protected views guards your financial information. The firm also uses multi-factor authentication as an added safeguard, allowing clients worry-free round-the-clock access to their records.

Complete Controller’s service prices start at $165.00 per month for quarterly bookkeeping, with a $1050.00 initial set-up fee. Businesses needing daily bookkeeping can choose the Deluxe package for $2780 per month, with a $2250.00 initial set-up fee. Cancellation of service plans requires a 30-day notice.

Learn more about Complete Controller.

9. Pasquesi Partners

The tech-savvy staff at Pasquesi Partners assists start-ups and small companies with the bookkeeping process by providing a one-stop solution to the accounting puzzle. Founder Rob Pasquesi created this firm to focus on entrepreneurs and their particular needs. His background at accounting giants Deloitte and Grant Thornton provided the experience and insight to help small businesses succeed.

The cloud-based accounting services Pasquesi Partners provides use both QuickBooks and Xero software. The firm can help clients set up either package for receivables and payables, as well as profit analysis and periodic reporting. In addition, start-ups can get assistance with registering and preparing forms for the IRS and state agencies. Pasquesi Partners also provides tax planning and preparation services that let you keep all of your financial functions under one digital roof.

With CFO services from Pasquesi Partners, your company can receive valuable advice regarding the future of your enterprise. The firm will help you discover ways to grow your business and maximize your finances with cash flow analysis and goal setting. Plus, you can tap into an online dashboard that tracks profit margin and revenue growth, a valuable tool when making important financial decisions to take your business forward.

Start-up level pricing for quarterly bookkeeping and reporting services at Pasquesi Partners starts at $449.00 per month. For Core level services, pricing starts at $1250.00 per month and includes payroll services and expanded access to helpful online tools. Pricing for growth-level services starts at $4500.00 per month and includes unlimited priority support from a CPA and same-day responses for all questions and inquiries.

Learn more about Pasquesi Partners

10. Leverage Accounting Services, LLC

Leverage Accounting Services, LLC, under the leadership of Michelle Harris, has been an established name in accounting since 2015. They cater primarily to small business owners/operators and perform essential bookkeeping and bank reconciliations along with tax preparation, payroll service setup, and new business consultations. Their expertise is particularly valuable for navigating the complexities of EIN and state tax setups.

They offer three distinct tiers – Bronze, Silver, and Gold – allowing clients to choose a service level that aligns with their business’s scale and complexity. This flexibility is key for businesses at different stages of growth, ensuring they have access to the right level of support when they need it. The firm also places a strong emphasis on financial tools and education. They advise on a variety of financial instruments, including debt management, home equity, and investment strategies. 

Learn more at Leverage Accounting Services, LLC

11. Wiggs CPA Tax & Accounting

Wiggs CPA Tax & Accounting is a newer firm, established in 2022 by Darion Wiggs. The firm specializes in outsourced accounting, bookkeeping, tax returns and preparation, and payroll services. They have packages from $500-$750 per month for individual entrepreneurs, $750-$1500 for growing businesses, and $1500-$5500 for well-established companies.

Wiggs CPA Tax & Accounting emphasizes proactive and aggressive tax reduction planning, helping clients to not only manage but also optimize their tax situations. The firm also places a strong emphasis on compliance and avoiding IRS problems, ensuring that clients’ financial dealings are both won’t get them into trouble or cost too much. Their services are designed to be simple, affordable, and comprehensive.

Learn more at Wiggs CPA Tax & Accounting

12. Desk Accounting

Desk Accounting is a startup founded in 2023 by two immigrants who came from the United Kingdom to Chicago and studied accounting at the University of Illinois – making the dean’s list 5 times during their time at school. This firm distinguishes itself through its specialized services in bookkeeping, payroll management, and a comprehensive suite of tax services. Desk Accounting’s transparent pricing is a key feature, offering individual tax returns starting between $179 to $359, and catering to various business structures with rates for single-member businesses starting at $179, partnerships at $279, and corporations (S-Corp and C-Corp) beginning at $329.

They handle payroll through various best-in-class platforms like Gusto, Quickbooks and Square. They will manage all the compliance related tasks in the payroll process such as 941 and 940 filing, W2 filing, and state tax reporting. Desk Accounting has several reviews on their website from businesses in the United Kingdom, suggesting that they may be the right choice for firms with a multinational presence. 

Learn more at Desk Accounting

13. Lance CPA Group

Founded by Joshua Lance in 2013, Lance CPA Group is a virtual accounting firm that brings a unique and values-driven approach to financial services. Their specialty industries are craft breweries and digital agencies. The firm offers comprehensive accounting services, tax planning, preparation, and CFO advisory services. 

What sets Lance CPA Group apart is their commitment to a set of core values including courageous authenticity, clarity, creativity, and being unconventional risk-takers. These principles guide their interactions and services, ensuring a partnership that extends beyond standard accounting practices.

Additionally, the firm engages its audience through informative blogs, such as “Standard Mileage vs. Actual Expenses: What’s the Difference?” and “The Rise of Non-Alcoholic Beer,” offering valuable insights and updates on relevant topics. Collaborating with strategic partners like ekos, Xero, Ignition, and Gusto, Lance CPA Group enhances its service offerings, making it a good choice for small business owners and entrepreneurs seeking more than just accounting expertise.

Learn more at LANCE CPA GROUP

14. John R. Waters & Company

John R. Waters & Company is a well-established firm, boasting 53 years in the industry.  Their offerings encompass wealth management, accounting, tax services, assurance, and business consulting. 

Central to the firm’s philosophy are their guiding principles: respect, relationships, service, and trust. This commitment is reflected in their approach to wealth management, which is not just about financial gains but encompasses building, preserving, and transferring wealth to ensure a secure financial future for their clients.

This is a potential partner for more established companies and owners who need advice on wealth management, business succession, and estate planning. 

Learn more at John R. Waters & Company

15. Prado & Renteria

Prado & Renteria Prof. Corp., established by Maria Prado and Hilda Renteria in 1990, stands out as the largest Hispanic woman-owned CPA firm in Illinois. They offer services in accounting, auditing, consulting, and tax, along with MBE/WBE certification. Their services are designed to meet the needs of both organizations and individuals.

The firm’s core values are integrity, trust-based relationships, and leadership. Beyond their professional services, Prado & Renteria actively engages in community development and support. This includes initiatives like offering scholarships to University of Illinois Chicago business students and contributing to the local Hispanic community and small businesses. Their blog highlights these contributions and underscores their commitment to not just being a financial services provider, but also a valuable community member. 

Learn more at Prado & Renteria Prof. Corp

16. Washington, Pittman & McKeever

Washington, Pittman & McKeever has the unique distinction of being founded in 1939 by the first black woman CPA in the country, Mary T. Washington. They offer a wide range of services including audits, reviews, compilations, accounting services, financial forecasts, projections, management consulting, and internal audit services. Catering to a diverse clientele, WPM serves corporations, non-profit entities, retail and service corporations, as well as state and local government entities.

WPM excels in identifying and creating opportunities for their clients. They are adept at designing strategies that help turn visions into reality, ensuring that their clients’ financial goals are met. As a member of both the Illinois CPA Society (ICPAS) and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), WPM adheres to high standards of professionalism and expertise, making them a reliable partner for established companies looking for comprehensive tax, bookkeeping, and accounting.

Learn more at Washington, Pittman & McKeever

17. Smart Solutions CPA

Smart Solutions CPA, established in 2018 by Noman Tahir, is a Chicago accounting and auditing firm that caters to a diverse range of clients including privately-owned businesses, government entities, and non-profits. Their services are accounting and bookkeeping, audits, tax planning and preparation, CFO services, and payroll outsourcing. 

Their principles are transparency and connected thinking, focusing on providing real insights to businesses. This approach has positioned Smart Solutions CPA as one of the fastest-growing firms in the auditing field. They serve forward-thinking businesses focused on growth.

In addition to their services, Smart Solutions CPA provides valuable resources through their blog. Their topics lean towards audits, internal and external. Audits can be an essential part of business compliance and growth, depending on the business and industry. Having an audit-focused firm will probably be the right choice for a business who is experiencing an external audit or wants to be proactive about an internal audit. 

Learn more at Smart Solutions CPA


In 1996, Wendy Kelly founded CDH CPAs, a firm that has since become a reliable provider of various accounting services. Their offerings include not only traditional accounting and bookkeeping but also specialized controller/CFO services, assurance services, and tax-related assistance. 

CDH CPAs is also recognized for its strong commitment to community engagement and support for charitable causes. This aspect of the firm reflects its dedication to core values such as integrity, growth, individual responsibility, and accountability, highlighting a business philosophy that goes beyond mere financial transactions. CDH CPAs blends professional financial services with a commitment to community and education, making it a standout choice for Illinois businesses who care about more than just accounting services. 

Learn more at CDH CPAS

19. ORBA

Ostrow Reisin Berk & Abrams, Ltd., co-founded by Allen Abrams in 1977, has been offering a comprehensive range of accounting services for several decades. The firm specializes in accounting and audit services, consulting for both businesses and individuals, employee benefit plan services, tax services, and wealth management. Their industry expertise includes healthcare, law firms, manufacturing and distribution, not-for-profit, and real estate.

ORBA, as the firm is commonly known, is dedicated to helping privately-held companies and individuals make informed, forward-thinking decisions. Their approach is centered on providing smart and confident financial guidance, ensuring that their clients are well-prepared for the future.

In addition to their services, ORBA actively contributes to industry knowledge through their blogs, addressing topics like the benefits of health savings accounts and the adequacy of operating reserves. These resources reflect their commitment to educating clients and the wider community. ORBA also places a strong emphasis on fostering a culture of awareness, diversity, equity, and inclusion. They are a great choice for Chicago businesses who value DEI and want a comprehensive personal and business tax and accounting approach.

Learn more at ORBA

20. Sikich

Sikich, established by Nick Appelbaum in 1982, has evolved into a prominent CPA firm in the United States, offering a wide range of services tailored to various industries. With a focus on outsourced bookkeeping & accounting, audit, tax, consulting, technology, and advisory, the firm serves sectors including manufacturing, not-for-profit, and government. 

The firm is notable for its size and scope, boasting over 100 partners and 1,700 professionals, catering to more than 15,000 clients. The firm has also been recognized for its excellence and workplace culture, receiving accolades such as the ‘Best of the Best Firm 2023’, and being certified as a ‘Great Place to Work®’. Additionally, Sikich has been consistently featured in ‘Accounting Today’s Top 100 Firms’ for the past three years.

As they are one of the largest CPA firms in the US, Sikich is the firm for business owners looking for a large and established partner with extensive resources. 

Learn more at Sikich

21. Lopez & Co. CPAs

Since 2004, Lopez & Company, under the leadership of Enrique Lopez, has been serving the Chicago area as a full-service certified public accounting firm. Their services are bookkeeping, accounting, audit, tax planning and compliance, and management consulting. Their expertise spans across industries such as healthcare, engineering, non-profit, and international sectors.

The mission of Lopez & Company is straightforward: to bring clarity to their clients’ financial situations. Their management consulting helps businesses identify the value of their businesses for potential sale or business recapitalization. They have consulting options for companies in the midst of a financial or operational restructuring.  

They also have a unique service offering called co-sourced accounting, which is a partnership with an accountant only at certain peak periods of business activity or filing periods. This approach makes them the right partner for a business that doesn’t need full scale services all year, but still wants continuity in their service provider. 

Learn more at Lopez & Co. CPAs


You can find bookkeepers in Chicago ready to assist with accounting tasks. Some companies can even help you straighten out past mistakes and clarify your current financial position so you can confidently move forward. Even if you are only hoping to hand over your more troubling bookkeeping tasks such as payroll or tax, many bookkeepers in Chicago are ready to take the task off your hands.

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FAQ: Bookkeeping services in Chicago

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about bookkeeping services in Chicago.

What are the best bookkeeping services in Chicago?

The best bookkeeping services in Chicago include Rigits for helpful and easy-to-use virtual bookkeeping, System Six, which provides team-based representation for their accounting and bookkeeping services, and Caramagno and Associates for accounting and bookkeeping with advisory options for businesses with an eye on the future.

What are some good bookkeepers for small businesses in Chicago?

BM Account and Tax, Inc. is a good bookkeeper for small businesses in Chicago. This firm takes pride in its accuracy and availability of data to keep clients informed. Excel Bookkeeping & Tax Services can help small businesses set up their QuickBooks software and guide clients regarding the benefits of choosing the right type of incorporation.

How much do bookkeepers cost in Chicago?

The cost for bookkeepers in Chicago depends on the level of service a company requires. Many bookkeeping and accounting firms offer a la carte services for small businesses with simple financial needs. However, if a company needs more complex services on a monthly or weekly basis, then service packages can reduce the cost, though this may require an annual contract.