Here is a list of top bookkeeping services in Seattle.

Bookkeeping services in Seattle are firms that offer services like recording, verifying, and reconciling financial transactions. For example, My Seattle Bookkeeper, Complete Controller, and Redkal Hopkins Howard. The purpose of these firms is to help entrepreneurs and organizations to maintain and access accurate and updated financial records.

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List of bookkeeping services in Seattle

Finding a reliable bookkeeper eliminates some of the stress of running a businesses. Here are a few of the best Seattle bookkeeper services.

1.   Rigits

Hey, we’re Rigits – not your typical bookkeepers around the corner (we’re in California), but trust us, we’ve got this whole remote thing down. If you’re really set on someone local, we’ve listed some great options below, just for you.

Our bookkeeping services? It’s all about keeping your financial statements sharp, managing those accounts payable and receivable, and even taking care of that pesky 1099 filing. We tailor our services to fit what you need, not the other way around. Our pricing? Super straightforward – starts at $695 per month, no surprises.

We started this journey back in 2016, and since then, we’ve worked with an amazing mix of clients – from buzzing e-commerce sites to local nonprofits. Our founders, Julia and Elizabeth, kicked off Rigits with a simple goal: books so clean you could eat off them. We’re pretty sure once you try us out, you’ll see why we think we’re the best in the biz.

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2.   Complete Controller

Complete Controller is among the most professional bookkeeping services in Seattle. The team of experts can provide quality oversight and guidance to help businesses prevent risks like fraud.

This bookkeeping provider reviews clients’ finances and proposes ways to control expenditures and capture revenues efficiently. In addition, this firm’s billing measures ensure prompt and error-free invoicing and help clients to maintain a healthy cash flow.

Complete Controller can also manage clients’ vendor accounts, for instance, by handling vendors’ profiles, unpaid bills, and payment requests. Monitoring and managing these accounts help clients to settle payables and attend to vendor inquiries effectively.

Complete Controller’s budget experts can guide clients on budget preparation. Also, the team analyzes business trends and advises clients on specific actions that can improve financial performance and remain competitive.

The bookkeepers can also help clients transition record keeping and document management to a paperless filing system. This system eases the filing and retrieval of documents and enhances document security through data encryption. This technological solution safeguards clients’ data from malicious software.

The team conducts virtual accounting services through web meetings, often recording the sessions with remote or distant clients for later reference.

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3.   My Seattle Bookkeeper

My Seattle Bookkeeper offers bookkeeping services to manage daily accounting. This firm consistently trains and equips its staff with skills that help meet clients’ needs. The team can work onsite or online, depending on clients’ preferences.

The firm helps clients to update financial records by posting general ledgers and journal entries. The service also involves accounts clean-up to ensure that the books bear accurate information. Once the bookkeepers verify that entries are correct, the team helps clients to generate important reports like cash flow and profit and loss statements.

This firm’s bookkeepers handle accounts payable and receivable accurately. In addition, the team can do vendor vetting, customer file management, invoicing, and cash receipting to update all the revenue and expenditure correctly.

My Seattle Bookkeeper team can reconcile bank and credit card transactions. This process is vital in tracking the finances and putting measures that can promote business growth. The company also offers payroll services to small businesses and individuals and updates clients’ tax filing and reporting.

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4.   System Six

System Six is one of the best bookkeeping and payroll services in Seattle. This team can help you organize your accounting books to give you accurate numbers and reliable financial reports. The team can assist with the entire or partial payroll processing. In addition, clients can get employee onboarding or offboarding support.

System Six supports clients on ongoing contracts as the business’ finance partner, for example, by maintaining financial books, paying bills, and running payroll.

The firm also handles billing and invoicing. To increase income, clients can engage the bookkeepers to conduct invoice tracking and debt collection. In addition, this team can calculate and remit sales taxes to the IRS.

Additionally, System Six offers consultation services, for instance, advising on financial operations such as expense management and database integrations. Clients can benefit from the tailor-made recommendations to grow and improve business processes.

This firm is among Seattle’s best bookkeepers for startups, nonprofits, and small and medium-sized businesses. Using the latest cloud technology in operations like accounting and payroll preparation is among the features that make System Six stand out.

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5.   Pretty Books

Pretty Books is among the leading small business bookkeeping services in Seattle. Clients who desire a holistic solution for their business’s financial needs can rely on this company. The firm also offers consulting services on all financial technology matters, including cloud computing.

This team can help startups set up the accounting system and payroll and process salaries. In addition, pretty Books can train clients’ staff to use various accounting tools to update the transactions and interpret business bookkeeping. The team can also take over this complex or time-consuming work so that clients focus on the major business operations.

This group can also help prepare sales forecasts, periodic budgets, and cash flow projections. Clients will also get assistance with preparing and filing state or local business taxes and support for planning growth strategies.

The team can help clients to identify efficiencies and suggest ways to streamline the issues. In addition, employees can receive basic business bookkeeping and financial management training.

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6.   Honest Buck Accounting

Honest Buck is among the most reliable bookkeepers in Seattle. This company provides comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services to help school-based and daycare businesses in Seattle and Bella Vista get prompt and organized financial services. However, the team can work with other types of companies. Some major pluses about the Honest Bucks staff are excellent customer service and communication skills.

This team deals mainly with payroll management. The accountants can simplify payroll processes and ensure that the client complies with changing requirements. The team is competent and can handle complicated tax preparation per state laws. Besides basic tax calculation, Honest Bucks help clients to maximize relevant credits and deductions to save costs and avoid penalties.

This bookkeeping team will clean up messy files, including verifying accounts receivable and payable, to ensure you have error-free data. The team will hand over accurate periodic reports and the true financial position for managers to make practical and effective decisions.

Honest Bucks uses cloud computing technology to streamline accounts receivables. This method helps clients to minimize billing errors, save time and improve debt collection. The team can also coach clients to predict financial performance, strategize how to counter challenges, and make the business more profitable.

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7.   Ledger Pros

Ledger Pros is one of the best virtual bookkeeping services in Seattle. The team consists of professional bookkeepers whose solutions simplify accounting and bookkeeping for clients.

This team specializes in personal and business consultation and accounting. This service provides clients with insights that help them meet their company’s financial goals. Clients can also access training and guidance on complex bookkeeping operations and budget preparation.

Ledger Pros provides confidential and professional bookkeeping services and can perform tasks such as invoicing, preparing payroll, filing taxes, and financial reporting. The client will also get assistance with estate planning and preparation of the business’s net worth reports.

The experts will give clients tips on handling capital. For instance, formulating a working financial strategy for cash flows, financing projects effectively, and structuring loan repayment schedules.

Ledger Pros are affordable and can simplify your operations, whether you are a small business or a large corporation. Also, this team will share recommendations based on a thorough market and risk analysis.

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8.   Instant Bookkeeping Solutions

Instant Bookkeeping Solutions specializes in basic bookkeeping and tax support services. This team can deal with tasks such as updating the books with daily transactions and journal entries.

Clients caught up with previous years’ bookkeeping or tax filing can rely on this provider. The bookkeepers will help clients to clean up messy entries, including those in closed financial periods. Additionally, this team will assist in filing unremitted taxes from previous years and waive any accumulated bank levies or penalties with the IRS.

This team of experts can handle your financial reporting. For instance, clients can get monthly, quarterly or yearly reports and advise the directors on economic improvement and growth. In addition, by engaging Instant Bookkeeping Solutions clients will have the team reconcile balance sheet accounts and bank and credit card statements.

This provider is knowledgeable with QuickBooks and mainly uses this software for accounting. The team can advise clients on the best QuickBooks products for the business and assist in the initial setup. Clients can also get information on QuickBooks customer centers for support and inquiries.

Visit Instant Bookkeeping Solutions.

9. Rising Sun Accounting

Rising Sun Accounting staff consists of professional bookkeepers and offers virtual and in-person services. These experts can save clients time and energy by handling tedious tasks like bank accounts, investment accounts, and credit card reconciliation.

The team handles tasks like invoicing customers, tracking pledges, and posting revenues and expenses. They also help allocate financial resources, for example, to various business projects and administrative programs.

Rising Sun Accounting partners with Gusto to give clients an affordable payroll service. This automated process can fill in the tax forms, file taxes electronically, then send clients the IRS forms, W2, and 1099 to their emails every January. Additionally, this payroll system integrates with QuickBooks.

The team can help prepare and analyze financial reports and then advise the board accordingly. Also, the professionals can liaise with the management to forecast and plan annual budgets.

Rising Sun Accounting is the team to contact if your business works with grants. Their services include providing the required reports for grant applications and reporting. As for the tax, whether you intend to remit business and individual income tax or city and state taxes, the team will electronically file it for you.

Rising Sun Accounting can help clients to prepare for interim and final audits. The team partners with auditors and acts as the contact person throughout the audit. By liaising with the client, they will avail the required documents and schedules and train the staff to prepare for future audits.

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10.   Huddleston Tax CPA

Huddleston Tax CPA is among the best bookkeeping and tax services in Seattle. This team of professional tax consultants and accountants ensures that entrepreneurs and small businesses get fast and accurate tax solutions. For example, handling complex tax preparation and filing procedures for clients. The experts can also help employees to file individual taxes.

This company also prepares budgets and sales forecasts for clients. The team drafts realistic budgets based on projected revenue, profit, cash flows, and expenditure. The projections guide clients in making the right decision and applying the best strategies to improve financial performance.

Huddleston tax CPA services also cover payroll preparation. The team works with information that clients provide to make correct changes on the payroll and ensure timely payment of salaries.

The bookkeepers also help companies to generate accurate financial reports. These reports inform the clients of the business’s financial position and are crucial in determining the necessary course of action. For example, the changes to apply in financial procedures are policies for improved performance.

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11.   Rekdal Hopkins Howard

Rekdal Hopkins Howard is a team of business consulting experts. This company serves all business sizes, from sole proprietorships to multinational corporations. The group offers managers insights that help assess risks, formulate actionable plans, and counter business challenges like high competition and inflation.

This company provides a holistic approach to tax preparation and strategies. Apart from filing and remitting the taxes, these accountants offer advice that helps clients understand the local or statutory obligation regarding taxes.

In addition, this company offers business assurance services. Once the management understands its true financial position, this team carefully draws a plan that meets specific business needs.

Clients can rely on this team’s responsiveness and tailor-made financial management and decision-making approach. The team is easy to work with, offers trusted advice, and can help emerging businesses set up accounting systems.

Visit Rekdal Hopkins Howard.

12. BCA Consulting

Cheryl Driscoll of BCA Consulting is a qualified expert with over two decades of experience, offering a suite of services that cater to the diverse and intricate needs of businesses seeking financial clarity and compliance. 

The range of services offered by BCA Consulting includes detailed reconciliations, client billing and payment follow-up, the preparation of monthly financial statements, and thorough compiling and filing tasks. Additionally, they collect W-9s from vendors for 1099 filing which is a unique service that most other firms leave to the client. 

What sets BCA Consulting apart is their emphasis on government compliance and tax preparation. With Cheryl’s credentials as a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Pro Advisor for QuickBooks, clients can be confident in the accuracy and efficiency of their financial processes. This level of expertise guarantees not only adherence to current regulations but also a forward-looking approach to financial management.

Learn more at BCA Consulting

13. Sound Bookkeepers

Sound Bookkeepers is a reliable choice for businesses and individuals seeking comprehensive accounting support. With over four decades of combined experience in tax and finance, the firm is well-equipped to handle a range of financial needs. Russ Shulman, the owner, is not just focused on the numbers; he also focuses on the broader business objectives and personal goals of his clients.

Sound Bookkeepers offers a variety of services tailored to diverse needs, including standard bookkeeping, QuickBooks setup, assistance with overdue tax filings, consulting, entity assistance, and financial analysis. Their pricing structure is notably competitive, with rates approximately 30-40% lower than their peers. Their packages range from $349/month to $750/month depending on the size and complexity of the client. 

Sound Bookkeepers is proficient in a wide array of software and technologies such as 

Shopify, Expensify, Appfolio, Joist, Xero, Jobber, Freshbooks, LegalServer, Connectwise, Clio, Square, Stripe, Clover, Vagaro, Box, Dropbox, Restaurant365, guaranteeing a versatile approach to handling a wide range of financial tasks.

Whether it’s a solo venture or a larger enterprise, Sound Bookkeepers has plans that suit different needs and budgets. Their expertise is underpinned by a deep understanding of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), ensuring that your financial records are not only accurate but also compliant with the latest standards and regulations. 

Learn more at Sound Bookkeepers

14. Diwan Accounting

Diwan Accounting, led by Khaled Albadawi, specializes in non-profits seeking financial services. The team, transitioning from their roots in Big 4 accounting firms, brings expertise in supporting the financial health of smaller, local businesses and non-profit organizations.

The services provided by Diwan Accounting are comprehensive, covering everything from regular bookkeeping to proactive tax planning and preparation to payroll management. Their approach is tailored to fit the varying needs and sizes of their clients. For emerging small businesses, pricing starts at a manageable $500 per month, scaling up to $1500 for growing businesses, and reaching $2500 for more established companies. This tiered pricing structure is designed to be accommodating and flexible, aligning with the different stages of business growth.

Diwan Accounting’s mission is to service smaller organizations that need the expertise of a high-caliber accountant but don’t have the budget. They also boast average client tax savings of $7,000 per year and 416 annual staff hours saved by going with their firm.

Learn more at Diwan Accounting

15. AOA Bookkeeping LLC

Oghale Agbro, with 13 years of experience in finance, runs AOA Bookkeeper, a firm dedicated to supporting small businesses and sole proprietors with their bookkeeping needs. Understanding the challenges that are particular to small businesses, Oghale focuses on delivering services that help these businesses stay financially organized and healthy. The firm offers a range of services including standard bookkeeping, management of state and local payroll taxes, medical billing, and thorough account cleanups.

One of the key aspects of AOA Bookkeeper’s services is the handling of critical paperwork. This includes filing and dispatching W2s for employees and 1099s for contractors, as well as managing year-end correspondences with accountants. AOA Bookkeeper prefers using QuickBooks Online for record-keeping, utilizing an established and scalable tool for financial management.

The firm’s pricing is tailored to meet the varying financial needs of its clients, with monthly rates that adjust based on the specific requirements of each business. This flexible pricing model is particularly beneficial for smaller businesses with varying financial capabilities. Oghale’s approach is about providing clear, straightforward bookkeeping support, allowing business owners to focus more on running their business and less on the complexities of financial management.

Learn more at AOA Bookkeeping LLC

16. Abacist, LLC

Established in 2016 by Kaley Day, Abacist LLC offers a range of bookkeeping services aimed at simplifying financial management for both individuals and businesses. The firm handles essential tasks such as managing accounts payable and receivable, ensuring accurate bank reconciliations, and providing bookkeeping consulting services. Their expertise in creating cash flow schedules and preparing financial statements is complemented by specialized services in guardianship accounting and comprehensive management of payroll and payroll taxes.

For those needing personal bookkeeping or project-based bookkeeping services, Abacist tailors its approach to meet individual requirements. They also offer training in QuickBooks Online and assist with software setup – a good choice for clients who still want to be hands-on and are looking to manage their finances more efficiently. A related service is its bookkeeper-in-training program, which provides education at a reduced rate, making professional bookkeeping accessible to a wider range of clients.

Abacist is skilled in handling state and local tax reporting, but are also open to collaborating with clients’ existing CPAs, facilitating a cohesive financial management approach. While the team has experience with various accounting software, their expertise is specifically with QuickBooks Online and Ajera.

Learn more at Abacist, LLC

17. TL;DR: Accounting

Since its inception in 2016 by Khaled Albadawi, TL;DR: Accounting has been providing specialized financial services with a specific focus on therapists with private practices. The firm offers a comprehensive array of services including bookkeeping, tax preparation and planning, retirement planning, and financial coaching.

For different business structures, TL;DR: Accounting offers varied pricing plans. S-corporations can choose from a quarterly plan at $2,200 plus $200 monthly, an annual plan for $2,795, or a tax-only package at the same annual price. PLLC, LLC, or sole proprietorships are offered a flexible quarterly plan starting at $825 plus $165 monthly, with additional options for add-ons, and an annual plan at $1,420.

In addition to these services, TL;DR: Accounting supplements its offerings with educational resources like on-demand webinars and an extensive course on Accounting in Washington State, tailored to the specific rules and regulations of the state. The firm’s approach is characterized by its straightforward and accessible communication style, making complex financial topics understandable for clients. This has led to strong, lasting relationships with many clients, some spanning more than five years.

Learn more at TL;DR: Accounting

18. Tremper & Co LLP

Since 1946, Tremper & Co., LLP, led by Laird Vanetta, has been a steady presence in the Pacific Northwest, offering a range of financial services. Their expertise extends from traditional tax preparation and planning to comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services. In addition to these, the firm provides specialized services such as audit, review, compilation, business consulting, estate and trust management, and valuation services. 

Tremper & Co., LLP is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants. Adhering to the rigorous standards of these organizations, the firm maintains a robust quality review system for its auditing and accounting practices. This system is evaluated every three years by independent, external reviewers, ensuring that the firm consistently upholds high standards of service and integrity.

In a nutshell, Tremper & Co., LLP combines decades of experience with a dedication to quality and client-centered service. Their firm is a great choice for established businesses who need a complex audit, strategic business consulting, or advice on individual tax issues related to estate management and wealth building.

Learn more at Tremper & Co LLP

19. Moose Creek Bookkeeping

Moose Creek Bookkeeping, founded in 2019 by Carissa and Amber Esquibel, provides a range of financial services with their team of four dedicated bookkeepers. The firm specializes in bookkeeping and controller services, as well as financial statement clean-ups. A significant part of Moose Creek Bookkeeping’s offerings includes services related to QuickBooks: they assist with QuickBooks Desktop conversions and provide setup and training for QuickBooks Online.

Moose Creek Bookkeeping holds a number of software certifications, including Bookkeeper Business Launch, Intuit QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor, Hubdoc Certified, and TSheetsPRO Fundamentals. Their stated values are: professionalism, responsiveness and quality. They also feature a variety of client testimonials on their website which confirm that they are able to deliver on their values.

Learn more at Moose Creek Bookkeeping

20. O&K Bookkeeping and Tax

O&K Bookkeeping and Tax, established in 2022 by Stella Kim and Julian Oh, offers a fresh approach to financial management services. As a welcoming gesture, they provide two months of free bookkeeping. Their range of services includes comprehensive bookkeeping, effective bank accounts management, meticulous filing of 1099s, DOR Excise Tax Returns, and insightful financial mentoring reviews. They also specialize in preparing annual tax packages and managing payroll services, a great choice for clients looking for a well-rounded and comprehensive solution.

The firm’s pricing is transparent and adaptable, with a one-time setup fee ranging from $200 to $500 and monthly plans varying based on the size and needs of the business. The start-up plan begins at $150, with options scaling up to $450 for corporate clients.

Co-founder Stella Kim has expertise as a tax practitioner, bookkeeper, and certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Julian G. Oh complements the team with over a decade of experience in tax, bookkeeping, accounts receivable, and financial accounting. Their combined skills and expertise make O&K Bookkeeping and Tax a smart decision for businesses seeking proficient and accessible bookkeeping and tax services.

Learn more at O&K Bookkeeping and Tax


Finding a good bookkeeping firm is crucial for sound financial management, cost-saving, and time management. Seattle has a good number of reliable bookkeepers, certified public accountants, consultants, and auditors to provide comprehensive solutions for businesses. In-demand services include updating transactions, reconciling accounts, payroll processing, tax preparation, and general bookkeeping. These providers charge competitive rates to suit different budgets and can operate onsite or virtually.

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FAQ: Bookkeeping services in Seattle

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about bookkeeping services in Seattle.

What are the best bookkeeping services in Seattle?

Some of the most reliable bookkeeping services include Rising Sun Accounting, Honest Bucks, and Complete Controller.

What are some good bookkeepers for small businesses in Seattle?

Huddleston Tax CPAs, My Seattle Bookkeepers, System Six, Ledger Pros, and Pretty Books are some of Seattle’s best bookkeepers for small businesses.

How much do bookkeepers cost in Seattle?

Bookkeeping service fees in Seattle start from around $20 per hour or $165 per month. However, most firms are willing to negotiate with clients and work on a suitable budget. Often, the cost of outsourcing bookkeepers depends on the kind of service, duration of the contract, and the volume of tasks the bookkeepers will handle.