Here is our list of the top bookkeeping services in San Francisco.

Bookkeeping services in San Francisco are companies that help individuals and clients to manage financial operations, from tax planning to payroll processing. For example, H&R Block, Dimov Tax Specialists, and Virtual CPA For You. These services aim to ensure the smooth running of back-office operations while clients gain more time to focus on other business aspects.

These services are similar to Los Angelas bookkeeping services, and San Diego bookkeepers.

cartoon money signs, desks and people workingThis list includes:

  • small business bookkeeping services in San Francisco
  • virtual bookkeeping services in San Francisco
  • professional bookkeeping services in San Francisco
  • bookkeeping and tax services in San Francisco
  • bookkeeping and payroll services in San Francisco

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List of bookkeeping services in San Francisco

San Francisco has reliable bookkeeping companies committed to accurately handling clients’ books and helping businesses grow. From Kruze Consulting to Flex Tax and Consulting Group, here are good bookkeeping services accessible in San Francisco.

1. Rigits

Hello from Rigits (that’s us!), your remote bookkeeping solution. We’re not local to San Francisco (we’re a bit further south in San Diego), but our reach is nationwide. We understand the value of local services, so we’ve included a list of reputable local firms below for your perusal.

Our range of bookkeeping services includes comprehensive financial statement preparation, streamlined accounts payable and receivable management, and individualized solutions designed for each client. We believe in easy, clear pricing – starting at a flat rate of $695 per month, to avoid any end-of-month surprises.

Since 2016, founders Julia and Elizabeth have been dedicated to providing exceptional bookkeeping services. Our client base is broad, encompassing sectors like e-commerce, service industries, and even entertainers. At Rigits, we prioritize delivering top-quality service, ensuring that our clients can focus on their businesses with full confidence in their bookkeeping.

Learn more about Rigits.

2. Virtual CPA For You

Virtual CPA For You works remotely with businesses in San Franciso and offers virtual bookkeeping services using QuickBooks online. Ying McKee, the company’s manager, is a certified public accountant in California and a certified QuickBooks Proadvisor. Virtual CPA For You can also use accounting software like Xero, FreshBooks, Wave Accounting, and Zoho Books.

The company offers affordable services within a reasonable turnaround time. You can expect accurate monthly financial reports a week after sending your documents. Additional, Virtual CPA For You provide electronic payroll and tax preparation services. Your employees will also have access to free direct deposits.

Depending on your preference, the payment plan can be on an hourly basis or for a fixed price. Also, you will get a list of the service and retainer fees during the initial consultation. In addition, the company communicates with clients through web conferencing tools, phone, and email.

Learn more about Virtual CPA For You.

3. Flex Tax and Consulting Group

Flex Tax and Consulting Group provides full-charge bookkeeping services in San Francisco. The company aims to improve business profits by managing clients’ financial operations. You can receive assistance selecting accounting software and learning how to operate the program. Flex’s services include forensic accounting, auditing, reviews, and compilations.

There are three service packages available: Individual, Business, and Platinum. The Platinum plan, for example, comes with unlimited access to CPAs. Alongside bookkeeping, the company offers business advisory services. You can also enjoy various tax services, from tax-saving strategies to capital adjustment calculations.

Learn more about Flex Tax and Consulting Group.

4. Dimov Tax Specialists

Dimov Tax Specialists deals with bookkeeping tasks for businesses in San Francisco. The company delivers a commendable service using different accounting software, including FreshBooks, QuickBooks Online, Xero, and Wave Accounting. The services are customizable to meet your needs monthly or quarterly.

Dimov can accurately handle your payables to vendors. A professional team will help you categorize transactions, reconcile payments, and prepare financial statements. If you have trouble processing payroll, then you can consider partnering with Dimov Tax Specialists. The firm can design a suitable payroll system for self-employed individuals and businesses with many employers.

Dimov can also prepare tax forms for LLCs, S-corp, C-corp, and Partnerships. You can get advice to determine the best entity for your business. Furthermore, various individual tax services are available, from forensic accounting to returns filing. The company has a team of IRS Certified Acceptance Agents that can help you obtain your ITIN.

Consultation services are available on matters like tax and financial planning, international taxation, and audit representation.

Learn more about Dimov Tax Specialists.

5. BOL Global Inc.

BOL Global Inc. serves the San Francisco Bay Area, Richmond District, and Laurel Heights. Businesses and residents in these areas enjoy access to various bookkeeping and tax services. The company has a team of professionals you can work with to achieve your goals.

Partnering with BOL Glocal Inc. will let you monitor your business’s financial health closely. The CPAs will reveal the best ways to optimize your company’s structure and save money.

BOL Global Inc is notable for offering small business bookkeeping services in San Francisco at an affordable rate. The monthly or quarterly solutions include general ledger clean-up, income statements, bank account reconciliations, and balance sheet generation. You can include add-ons like payroll services, tax preparation, and tax planning.

The firm can provide a qualified CFO to guide you through tough business decisions when necessary. In addition, BOL Global Inc. has a team of QuickBooks specialists to help with the software’s setup and training. The company will customize your service package to align with your budget and business needs. Also, your meetings can take place on Zoom or in person.

Learn more about BOL Global Inc.

6. Small Business Accountant

Small Business Accountant offers affordable and personalized services in San Francisco. The company has great experience from dealing with businesses in the Bay area for more than 15 years. The company works with various software, including Wave, Intuit QuickBooks, Sage Accounting, and Xero.

During the first consultation with Small Business Accountant, you can expect a review of your immediate needs. You will also get a fixed-fee quote alongside a course of action for your goals. In addition, the company offers tax services to help minimize tax burdens as much as possible.

Small Business Accountant stands out for offering a pricing guarantee. Therefore, clients will not have to deal with unexpected fees for the company’s services.

Learn more about Small Business Accountant.

7. H&R Block

H&R Block provides bookkeeping and payroll services in San Francisco. The company is ready to take complete charge of clients’ books with diligence. Therefore, you can rest assured that your records are in the right hands.

The firm will dedicate an account manager for your business and oversee all paperwork. Every month, you should expect a reconciliation sent to your inbox. A part of the firm known as Block Advisors has tax professionals that specialize in small businesses. The team will ensure that you receive the best service and track your expenses accurately.

H&R Block assists businesses looking to outsource payroll tasks. You can book this service as a self-employed or an employer. The tax professionals in this company have 12 years of experience on average. You can rest assured that your business operations will comply with local, state, and federal regulations. Depending on your budget and preference, you can fully delegate your tax needs to the company or do the tasks yourself under expert supervision.

Learn more about H&R Block.

8. Stride

Stride is among the accounting, bookkeeping, and CFOs services in San Francisco. The company takes pride in delivering accurate results within a reasonable time. A dedicated team will ensure that your business’s back-office operations run smoothly. Therefore, you can worry less about your business’s financial tasks, from cash flow management to profit analysis.

Stride to work with you to review your financial statements and build action plans to meet your expectations. Furthermore, the company will help you manage your accounts payable and receivable. As a result, cash collection from customers will be faster, providing enough funds for your business. Stride advises clients on capitalization strategy, budgeting, and process improvement plans.

Also, the company offers Stride Vista, a dynamic business intelligence platform. This platform’s basic plan integrates QuickBooks Online. You can, however, gain access to broader customization and integrations by upgrading the package to an advanced plan. Vista organizes business data like spreadsheets, financial statements, and time tracking into one place.

Learn more about Stride.

9. Safe Harbor LLP

Safe Harbor LLP is a CPA firm providing bookkeeping and tax services in San Francisco. Both individuals and businesses in the Bay Area can benefit from the services. The company takes advantage of tax opportunities to help clients minimize taxes. Safe Harbor also helps with IRS audit defense, tax preparation, and multistate tax advice.

You can conveniently outsource your daily bookkeeping tasks to Safe Harbor LLP. The company’s bookkeepers are equally QuickBooks experts and will accurately handle your files. Safe Harbor LLP works with diverse industries, including non-profit organizations, small businesses, and tech firms.

You can also benefit from the provided services if you run a business outside the country. The firm partners with tax professionals in different countries, including the UK, China, Taiwan, and Canada, to provide solutions for your international tax preparation issues.

The company maintains communication with clients via web conferencing.

Learn more about Safe Harbor LLP.

10. Scott Porter, CPA

Price: Not specified, but initial consultation is free.

Scott Porter, CPA, provides flexible tax and accounting services for businesses in the city. The firm will help you create a custom package that fits your business needs.

Scott Porter, CPA, also offers QuickBooks services, including configuration, support, and data file clean-up. If you partner with Scott Porter, CPA, then you can enjoy quality bookkeeping services. The company will help you track your cash flow efficiently and provide helpful advice for taking crucial business decisions. If you are just starting your business, then you can find the company’s advisory services helpful.

Scott Porter, CPA, works with individuals and diverse businesses, including architects, engineers, consultants, and entrepreneurs. The company uses a cloud-based accounting system. Therefore, you can access your financial data anytime you want. Scott Porter provides personalized services you can always count on, whether you run a small or large business.

Learn more about Scott Porter, CPA.

11. Ausejo Taxes

Price: Not specified.

Ausejo Taxes provides professional bookkeeping services in San Francisco. The company’s founder, Carlos Ausejo, is a licensed IRS agent with more than 30 years of experience in tax and bookkeeping matters. You get to work with expert tax preparers and accounters to achieve your business goals. The tax preparers have reliable knowledge of current tax laws and maximize opportunities to reduce clients’ taxes.

You can enjoy the services monthly, quarterly, or yearly. The company will set up a reliable accounting system for your business. Alongside bookkeeping and tax preparation, the company provides payroll processing services in the Bay Area. Therefore, you can have more time to yourself while being confident that your employees will receive payment on time.

Ausejo Taxes provides debt management advice to help you minimize the interest you have to pay. Additionally, you can partner with the company to get professional representation during an audit.

Learn more about Ausejo Taxes.

12. Kruze Consulting

Price: The pricing for basic bookkeeping services starts at $325. You can use the ‘startup tax return cost calculator’ on the company’s website to generate a rough estimate.

Kruze Consulting is among the bookkeeping services in San Francisco. This firm is an excellent choice for startup businesses. You will get to work with an expert while saving extra time to grow your business.

The company offers a basic bookkeeping package using QuickBooks. You can upgrade the offer to include HR services, inventory, custom reporting, and audit preparation. The firm will also provide valuable tips to help you do your bookkeeping.

If you outsource your books to Kruze Consulting, then you will have enough time to focus on other aspects of your business. A professional will complete tasks including:

  • Account reconciliation
  • Bill pay management
  • Financial statements preparation
  • Revenue recognition
  • Financial transactions update

These services are flexible and adjustable according to your needs. Also, Kruze Consulting provides solutions on tax matters. The company works with providers like Trinet, Gusto, Justworks, and Rippling. In addition, you will find helpful resources for startup businesses on the company’s website.

Learn more about Kruze Consulting

13. American Eagle Consulting and Bookkeeping

Dale Peronteau, the visionary behind American Eagle Consulting (AEC), founded the firm in 1985, recognizing the emerging need for specialized accounting software. Over the years, AEC has expanded its services to include accounting and bookkeeping, business consultation, payroll, and tax preparation, catering to a diverse client base.

In addition to these comprehensive services, AEC offers free consultations for clients wanting a low-stakes introduction. AEC stands out for its strong commitment to customer service, a core value that has played a significant role in their high client retention rates. Their approach goes beyond mere financial services; they focus on building lasting relationships with their clients, offering personalized and responsive solutions.

The firm keeps its clients and the wider community informed through its blog, which covers a range of pertinent topics. These include discussions on AB 5, Prop 22, and AB 2257, insights into the reopening guidelines for California businesses, updates on significant Supreme Court rulings. This blend of expert services, up-to-date information, and a customer-first approach makes AEC a great choice for business wanting a well-rounded approach.

Learn more at American Eagle Consulting and Bookkeeping

14. A To Z Bookkeeping Services, Inc.

Alina Tse leads A To Z Bookkeeping Services, Inc, a bookkeeping firm with a rich background of over 13 years in the field, bringing a wealth of experience from various industries. They do bookkeeping, payroll, and consulting, catering to a diverse clientele from sectors like medical, tech, finance, electronics, and software. The firm also offers free consultations, lowering the cost of making a decision.

The firm stands out for its adaptability and precision, utilizing a range of software platforms including QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, Xero, and Quicken. This technological adeptness enables them to streamline processes and guarantee accuracy in their financial reporting.

At the heart of their operation is a commitment to providing transparent and personalized accounting solutions. They pride themselves on understanding the unique needs of each client and tailoring their services accordingly.

Learn more at A To Z Bookkeeping Services, Inc.

15. Kaufmann Advisors, Inc.

In 2013, Simon Hase founded Kaufmann Advisors, Inc., bringing a fresh and proactive approach to accounting and tax services. The firm, known for its proprietary Proactive Advising System which offers a range of services that include accounting & tax services, QuickBooks expertise, tax planning, international tax services, cost segregation, and information about research & development tax credits.

Additionally, Kaufmann Advisors enhances client support with a range of financial calculators available on their website. These tools cover various aspects such as automobile costs, cash flow, college financing, credit, mortgages, insurance, and paycheck analysis. Simon Hase’s credentials as a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor and certified tax coach add a layer of expertise and trust to the firm’s services.

What distinguishes Kaufmann Advisors is their year-round collaborative approach. They prioritize understanding each client’s unique needs and goals, ensuring that the advice and strategies provided are tailored and effective.

Learn more at Kaufmann Advisors, Inc.

16. Cube Accounting Solutions

Cube Accounting Solutions, established in 2019 by Vismay Shah, offers a modern approach to bookkeeping and financial management. They do bookkeeping, accounts payable, accounts receivable, general accounting, virtual CFO services, payroll, reporting and planning, and back office/administrative support.

Their pricing is clear on their website, with packages ranging from the Silver plan ($300-$500 per month) to the more comprehensive Platinum plan (starting from $750 per month). Cube Accounting Solutions is known for its efficient process. Clients simply send documents, access the system, and the accounting is taken care of, culminating in the finalization and review of financials.

One of Cube’s strengths is its versatility in working with various accounting software and systems, such as Xero,, SAP, Sage300, Intacct, and QuickBooks Desktop. Cube’s aim is to enhance clients’ profitability by providing high-quality, virtual bookkeeping services, thus eliminating the need for an in-house bookkeeper while ensuring accuracy and precision in their work.

Learn more at Cube Accounting Solutions

17. Stash Bookkeeping

David Allen’s Stash Bookkeeping, founded in 2009, does the full suite of financial services: bookkeeping, payroll, accounting, tax, and financial consulting. They boast adept use of various financial software platforms: QuickBooks Online, Xero, Zoho Books, Homebase, Gusto, and A2X, along with QuickBooks Desktop,, and SAP. This versatility in software choices allows them to cater to the specific needs of different businesses who may not want to migrate to a new software.

The Stash Bookkeeping website has a very comprehensive FAQ which undecided clients can utilize to help them make their decision. It answers questions like: “We have an accountant, why do we need a bookkeeper?” and “how do you protect our financial data?” At the heart of their operation is a commitment to providing clients with accurate and actionable financials.

Learn more at Stash Bookkeeping

18. Sutro Li

In the heart of accounting and financial management lies Sutro Li, a family-run, bootstrapped company led by Burton Li since its inception in 2009. Sutro Li offers a comprehensive suite of services:

  • Accounting
  • CFO services
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial advisory
  • Budgeting and forecasting

Their approach is not just about providing services but also about offering insightful consulting that aligns with their clients’ long-term goals.

Sutro Li has a unique place in the industry with their globally diverse team. Drawing on a wide range of experiences and backgrounds, their team embodies a commitment to client partnership and expertise in accounting. This diversity is not just geographical but also in thought, inspired by their clients’ pursuits in social change.

Sutro Li utilizes advanced tools such as XERO and JIRAV, which makes them a great choice for clients looking for options outside of QuickBooks. Their engaging blog delves into various topics, from practical financial insights to the application of personal development principles in accounting.

Learn more at Sutro Li

19. Arguello Financial Corporation

Argüello Financial Corporation, established in 1984 under the leadership of Erick Jose Argüello, offers comprehensive financial services for both accounting and tax. They offer bookkeeping/accounting, tax preparation, planning, business consulting, and financial analysis. For businesses at the start or end of their journey, Argüello Financial Corporation helps with business entity selection and aids in the buying or selling of businesses.

A unique aspect of Argüello Financial Corporation is their extensive use of financial calculators, providing clients with tools for a variety of needs including cash flow, college planning, mortgages, and retirement savings. This approach not only aids in decision-making but also educates clients on the complexities of finance. They have also partnered with well-regarded companies in insurance and financial products, making them a potentially good choice for clients that need personal wealth-building and wealth-protection strategies.

Learn more at Arguello Financial Corporation

20. Michael K. White, CPA & Associates

Founded in 2010 by Michael White, Michael K. White CPA & Associates brings a blend of traditional accounting expertise and modern financial strategies to the table. They specialize in a broad spectrum of services. For small businesses, they offer comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services, along with essential support in payroll and CFO services. They also guide new businesses from the ground up and provide strategic business planning and succession planning, ensuring a strong foundation and future growth.

Their tax services are equally robust, encompassing tax preparation, strategic tax planning, and tax relief solutions. Understanding the varying needs of their clients, they offer tailored service packages, including Fundamental, Essential, and Integral Plans, to best match the specific financial goals and challenges of each client.

Beyond their core services, Michael K. White CPA & Associates is committed to educating and empowering their clients. They provide an array of financial calculators for different needs such as cash flow analysis, college funding, credit management, and more. Additionally, their insightful articles on topics like estate gifting and tax preparation offer valuable tips and guidance, underscoring their commitment to not just manage, but enhance their clients’ financial lives.

Learn more at Michael K. White, CPA & Associates


Many business owners try to save money by personally handling bookkeeping tasks. However, you can save even more money and avoid costly mistakes by using the service of a professional bookkeeper. There are many reliable bookkeeping services you can reach out to in San Francisco if you have issues with your book. Plus, you will have more time to dedicate to your business or personal life. Depending on the company, you can have the service delivered in person or remotely. In addition, most of these bookkeeping companies in San Francisco offer tax, payroll, and financial management services.

We also have a list of the best bookkeepers in Seattle, and the best bookkeepers in NYC.

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FAQ: Bookkeeping services in San Francisco

Here are answers to questions about bookkeeping services in San Francisco.

What are the best bookkeeping services in San Francisco?

The best bookkeeping services in Francisco include Flex Tax and Consulting Group, BOL Global Inc., Safe Harbor LLP, H&R Block, Kruze Consulting, Ausejo Taxes, and Dimov Tax Specialists.

What are some good bookkeepers for small businesses in San Francisco?

Some good bookkeepers for small businesses in San Francisco are H&R Block, Small Business Accountant, Michael K White CPA and Associate, Safe Harbor LLP, and BOL Global Inc.

How much do bookkeepers cost in San Francisco?

The cost of hiring a bookkeeper in San Francisco will vary by experience and the nature of the service required. On average, bookkeepers in San Francisco can charge between $25 to $300 per hour. Also, the monthly bookkeeping rate can start from $50 to $2,500. The final cost will depend on your selected plan. If the bookkeeping company offers customizable packages, then you can tailor the services to align with your budget.