Here is our list of the best bookkeeping services in San Diego.

Bookkeeping services in San Diego are firms dedicated to helping individuals and businesses manage important financial records. For example, Launch CPA, San Diego Taxman, and Office Tax Services. The purpose of these services is to keep businesses organized by updating financial data and preparing tax returns.

These services are similar to Los Angeles bookkeeping services and San Francisco bookkeepers.

cartoon office workers surrounded by money signs and calculatorsThis list includes:

  • small business bookkeeping services in San Diego
  • virtual bookkeeping services in San Diego
  • professional bookkeeping services in San Diego
  • bookkeeping and tax services in San Diego
  • bookkeeping and payroll services in San Diego

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List of bookkeeping services in San Diego

Hiring a bookkeeper can save you time and help your business grow. From San Diego Taxman to Pierre Accounting, here are reliable bookkeeping services you can access in San Diego:

1. Rigits

Welcome to Rigits! Based out of San Diego, we’re biased, but we think we’re your best choice! Our bookkeeping services range from handling cash or accrual financial statements to managing every aspect of accounts receivable and payable. We start our pricing at a simple, flat rate of $695 per month, ensuring clarity and predictability in billing.

At Rigits, we pride ourselves on serving a wide range of clients, including innovative tech startups, bustling restaurants, and impactful nonprofits. Founded in 2016 by Julia and Elizabeth, our motto is “books so clean you could eat off them” and our mission is clear: to remove worry and confusion for our clients. Our ethos revolves around thoroughness, proactive action, and uplifting our clients.

Choose Rigits for a worry-free bookkeeping experience, where our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction is unmatched.

Learn more about Rigits.


TAXLANA serves the San Diego area with various payroll, accounting, and tax solutions. The accounting firm provides exceptional service in three languages, English, Hebrew, and Russian.

You can expect a personalized approach to your business needs. The firm prioritizes business growth by monitoring and managing cash flow. When needed, you can access part-time CFO services. Also, the company provides a series of QuickBooks services you can book to make your accounting task easy.

The firm’s founder, Svetlana Vakaeva, continually learns about personal and business finance to deliver the best service. Since a part of the company’s revenue goes to animal welfare, your partnership with TAXLANA will also support this cause. In addition, the company offers helpful resources on tax returns and liability.

Learn more about TAXLANA.

3. Merritt Bookkeeping

Merritt Bookkeeping is among the affordable bookkeeping services in San Diego. Using this firm is an excellent idea if you run a small business. Alongside delivering a commendable service, Merritt Bookkeeping offers a full money-back guarantee within 90 days. The company received accolades from several business magazines, including, TopTenReviews, and Fit Small Business.

The company mainly uses QuickBooks to manage your business’s financial data. If you do not already use QuickBooks, then Merritt can help you create your file and update your data. Plus, the company uses automated software to receive customers’ information every month.

Merritt Bookkeeping only works with limited clients per month. Therefore, you can stay in touch through emails to confirm if the company has any openings for clients. The company provides a simple monthly review system using an easy-to-understand custom web interface. Therefore, you can review and adjust your reports even without using QuickBooks. The company will forward a spreadsheet guiding you through the review process to your mail.

Learn more about Merritt Bookkeeping.

4. San Diego Taxman

San Diego Taxman provides full-service bookkeeping and tax solutions using advanced technology. The company has a team of professional bookkeepers to help you monitor your business’s financial status. You can schedule a 15-minute call to discuss your concerns with a tax expert. Afterwards, you can upload your document using the safe link provided by the firm or stop by the office with the hard copies.

San Diego Taxman’s bookkeeping service is flexible enough to accommodate different business needs and budgets. The company can take care of your sales tax payments and provide weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports. You can also receive assistance on your payroll needs.

You should expect accurate and reliable calculations when working with San Diego Taxman. The bookkeeping company runs multiple error checks and usually reviews the returns by no less than two experts.

Learn more about San Diego Taxman.

5. Schwartz & Schwartz

Schwartz & Schwartz provides bookkeeping and tax services in San Diego. The company served the Southern California area for more than 30 years. If you run a small business, then you will have a dedicated bookkeeper to help you manage your books. You will also enjoy access to the company’s mobile applications and client portal.

Furthermore, the company offers additional services to meet your needs, such as:

  • Accounts receivables and account payable services
  • After-the-fact bookkeeping
  • Expedited priority support
  • Controller services
  • R&D tax credit

The company provides affordable payroll solutions at a discounted price, particularly if you reserve a “level two” bookkeeping service package. Additionally, Schwartz & Schwartz files individuate and corporate tax returns at affordable prices. You can also access fully remote HR support when needed.

Learn more about Schwartz & Schwartz.

6. Launch CPA

Launch CPA is an accounting firm serving major cities in California, including San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The company offers professional financial advice to help small and large businesses grow.

You can save yourself the stress of preparing your tax returns by working with Launch CPA. The company offers a variety of tax services for businesses and individuals. Depending on your preference, you can book a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly bookkeeping package.

The company’s services include customizable payroll solutions that align with your business needs and local regulations. Launch CPA will satisfy all your payroll requirements, from pay slip preparation to timesheet accounting and payment calculation terminations. Plus, you can remain confident that the firm will accurately handle your accounts payable and accounts receivables.

Learn more about Launch CPA.

7. Office Tax Services

Office Tax Services offers professional bookkeeping services in San Diego. The company’s solutions will save you the stress of worrying about your bank account reconciliations and sending invoices to customers. With trusted accounting software, Office Tax Services will help you document your daily financial transactions.

Also, you can have a full-service payroll set up for your business if you partner with the firm. Office Tax Services offers tax solutions for individuals and companies in San Diego. Besides bookkeeping and payroll processing, you can have your new business incorporated by the company.

The firm is also a Certifying Acceptance Agent, helping clients possess ITIN on time. Plus, you can schedule a consultation online if you wish to process an Employee Identification Number.

Learn more about Office Tax Services.

8. Pierre Accounting

Pierre Accounting is among the reliable bookkeeping services in San Diego. The company provides solutions for small businesses, corporations, and individuals. The company is willing to help you create a plan to reach your financial expectations.

Pierre Accounting also offers forensic accounting, helping you prevent costly mistakes. Furthermore, this full-service firm specializes in solving tax problems for businesses in major hubs in California. You will get to work with an expert team updated with changes in current tax regulations. You can count on the company to accurately handle your tax issues, from overpayment to unfiled taxes and mistakes on returns.

Pierre Accounting also commits to providing personalized services to suit different clients’ needs. Besides being able to track your financial standing accurately, you will save enough time to focus on other aspects of your business. Whether you are just starting your business or need effective tax planning for your big company, you can benefit from the services of Pierre Accounting.

Learn more about Pierre Accounting.

9. Serrano Bookkeeping

Serrano Bookkeeping provides small business bookkeeping services in San Diego. If you already have a QuickBooks account, then the firm will take the burden of keeping your files updated. You will enjoy a reliable system of categorizing business expenses even if you do not use QuickBooks.

Serrano Bookkeeping provides advisory services to keep your business in check. If you need to set plans to help your business grow, then you can take advantage of the Strategic Business Coaching Services. You will particularly benefit from these services if you are starting a new enterprise or expanding your business.

If you outsource your accounting tasks to Serrano Bookkeeping, then you will be able to manage your cash effectively. The company’s cash management services cover:

  • Development of a cash flow projection
  • Creating a historical cash flow projection
  • Development of accelerated collection techniques
  • Sharing helpful tips for receiving a maximum rate of returns

The firm will help you reconcile your bank accounts. Therefore, you can quickly identify unauthorized transfers or lost checks. In addition, Serrano Bookkeeping provides part-time CFO services. You can save money while enjoying quality service as you would with a full-time CFO.

Learn more bout Serrano Bookkeeping.

10. M.W. Orlando Inc.

M.W. Orlando Inc. caters to small and medium-sized businesses in San Diego. The firm works with multiple industries, including:

  • Technology
  • Dental
  • Entertainment
  • Digital media
  • Medical
  • Ecommerce

M.W. Orlando Inc. will dedicate a professional team to help you minimize unnecessary expenses in your business. The accounting firm takes a proactive approach to help you save money on taxes. The company also offers tax preparations for individuals and companies.

You can use the firm’s service to set a realistic budget personally or in your business. The company can also highlight strategies that will help your business flourish. M.W. Orlando Inc. will customize your accounting service package to meet your specific needs.

Furthermore, you can access quality QuickBooks services ranging from setup to training and file clean-up. The company will provide professional advice if you want to incorporate your business. You can download a free e-book on the company’s site focusing on small business tax credits.

Learn more about M.W. Orlando Inc.

11. David York’s Tax Service

David York’s Tax Services offers affordable tax preparations for individuals and corporations. The full-service firm will inform you about the important documents you must provide. After, you can fully hand over your bookkeeping tasks to the company. The firm will help you file necessary documents which comply with relevant regulations within a reasonable time.

Alongside tax solutions, David York’s Tax Service offers bookkeeping and payroll services in San Diego. You can also expect timely updates during your partnership with David York. Plus, you can receive expert advice on how to keep your books simple and clean. The company will reconcile your accounts weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

David York’s Tax Service can help you file annual and quarterly forms. You can also enjoy customizable payroll processing on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. You can easily reach out to the firm if you have any questions or concerns. In addition, the firm offers consultation on the best business entity for start-ups.

Learn more about David York’s Tax Service.

12. Morey CPA & Associates, Inc.

Morey CPA & Associates, Inc. processes payroll for small businesses in the San Diego area. You can trust the company to file your important documents, including 1099s, W-2, and W-3. Also, you can fully outsource your bookkeeping tasks to the company. Morey CPA will efficiently handle all your financial records, from bank reconciliations to cash balance tracking. The company serves diverse industries and can work with small and large-scale businesses.

In addition, the company shows clients how to use QuickBooks. You can also get support through phone and email.

Learn more about Morey CPA & Associates, Inc.

13. Paul Anderson, CPA

Paul Anderson, CPA, operates both virtually and in person. The firm has about 20 years of experience in the accounting and tax fields. Paul Anderson, CPA, is an excellent choice for small to medium-sized businesses in San Diego.

The company provides full-service bookkeeping services in San Diego. Clients enjoy reliable solutions that will help you keep your internal financial system in check. The company has a team of expert tax preparers who can file tax returns in all states. Furthermore, the firm gives solutions for a variety of IRS tax issues.

You can choose from three bookkeeping plans. The duration of reviews in each package varies from 30 to 90 minutes. You can further upgrade the regular plan with invoice and vendor processing services. The firm uses various accounting software, from QuickBooks to FreshBooks, to perform the required bookkeeping and accounting tasks. Plus, the firm will help you manage your profits and expenses, reconcile your bank accounts, and handle your accounts payable and receivable.

Paul Anderson, CPA, offers a flexible service. Therefore, you can customize the plan to meet your business needs and budget.

Learn more about Paul Anderson, CPA.

14. IB CPA

IB CPA, led by Marri Shabilla since its inception in 2017, has a team that collectively boasts over 100 years of experience. Their suite of services is fairly extensive and include not only accounting and payroll services but also business consulting, financing, and tax services. 

At the core of IB CPA’s offerings is their robust, year-round tax assistance. This service encompasses everything from managing sales tax compliance and business estate tax planning to preparing personal and corporate tax returns. They are also adept at representing clients effectively before taxation authorities. 

IB CPA embraces modern technology in their operations, utilizing cloud-based accounting systems. This innovative approach facilitates a more collaborative and efficient working relationship with clients, reducing the likelihood of errors and enhancing overall efficiency. 

Learn more at IB CPA

15. Profitwise Accounting

Since 2004, Profitwise, led by Dave Heistein, has been offering specialized tax and accounting services tailored to the needs of various businesses. They do accounting and bookkeeping, CFO services, and tax planning and preparation. The firm has carved a niche in serving diverse industries, including e-commerce, digital agencies, startups, and Amazon sellers.

Profitwise operates on core values of humility, ownership, impact, service excellence, grit, and oneness. Their modern, cloud-based approach allows for more efficient, accessible, and collaborative financial management. They are equipped with certifications such as Intuit Certified ProAdvisor for both QuickBooks Online and Desktop, and are a Xero Bronze Partner & Certified Advisor.

Through their blog, which features articles like “Tax Tips and Strategies for Small Business Owners” and “Small Business Tax Credits to File for in 2023,” they provide valuable insights and updates.

Learn more at Profitwise Accounting

16. San Diego Bookkeeping Services

Melody Gillson, the owner of San Diego Bookkeeping Services, specializes in full-service bookkeeping, payroll processing and administration, financial statement preparation, budgeting and cash flow management, accounting setup, and bank, credit card, and loan reconciliations. Melody’s firm is known for its reliability, dependability, and trustworthiness. She is QuickBooks Desktop & Online Certified, ensuring expertise in these essential tools. 

Understanding that businesses are at different stages, Melody offers specially designed packages. For those just starting out, the ‘I’m Just Getting Started’ package is priced at $150 per month. For businesses feeling the crunch of growth, the ‘Help, I’m Overwhelmed’ package at $350 per month can ease the burden. And for those expanding rapidly, the ‘Moving, Grooving, & Growing’ package at $500 per month offers comprehensive support.

Learn more at San Diego Bookkeeping Services

17. SDC Tax and Business Services

Cheryl Haimsohn leads SDC Tax and Business Services, a firm that has built a reputation for its comprehensive approach to financial services. Specializing in tax preparation and planning, accounting and bookkeeping, business consulting, and resolving IRS tax problems, the firm caters to individuals, corporations, and small business owners.

SDC Tax and Business Services is known for its responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable service. The team’s approach is not just about providing services; it’s about building relationships and offering reliable support for various financial challenges. Additionally, SDC Tax and Business Services offers free consultations, making them accessible and allowing potential clients to understand how the firm can meet their specific financial needs.

Learn more at SDC Tax and Business Services

18. San Diego Business Advisors

San Diego Business Advisors, established in 1993 by Steven Leibold, has been a provider of financial services for almost three decades. Their range of services includes bookkeeping, business consulting, business entity selection, QuickBooks expertise, payroll management, small business accounting, and solutions for IRS tax problems, as well as tax preparation and planning. 

Their team holds several credentials such as Enrolled Agent, an NTPI Fellow, a Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor, and holds accreditation as both a Tax Advisor (ATA) and Tax Preparer (ATP) by the Accrediting Council for Accountancy. The firm has also received some distinct recognition in the industry. San Diego Business Advisors has been named a TaxBuzz Top 100 Professional for three consecutive years (2019, 2020, 2021) and a CountingWords Top 100 Professional in 2021. 

Learn more at San Diego Business Advisors

19. The Balanced Bookkeeper LLC

Founded in 2022 by Emily Lackey, The Balanced Bookkeeper LLC is a firm that provides an array of financial services tailored to meet the needs of various industries. Specializing in bookkeeping, sales tax filing, payroll processing, and QuickBooks online account setup and training, they cater to a diverse clientele, including bars, restaurants, retailers, e-commerce, legal, digital marketing, plumbing/HVAC, and manufacturers. Their services are designed to simplify the financial aspects of business, allowing owners to focus on growth and operations.

The firm is particularly skilled in small business consulting, offering guidance that helps businesses navigate the often complex financial landscape. Whether it’s setting up new accounts on QuickBooks or providing training for effective use of financial software, The Balanced Bookkeeper LLC ensures that their clients are well-equipped to handle their financial records efficiently.

Learn more at The Balanced Bookkeeper LLC

20. Books Balanced & Beyond LLC

Books Balanced & Beyond LLC was established by Kat Pephens and has been in operation for over ten years. The firm’s offerings include CFO and controller services, accounting and bookkeeping, along with administration, risk management, tax filings, and even notary services.

Kat Pephens brings a wealth of expertise to the firm, underscored by her recognition as one of the most influential women in accounting in 2019 by The San Diego Business. Books Balanced & Beyond LLC is adept in software solutions like QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, and Axium Ajera.

The firm is proficient in a range of areas, including setting up accounting software, managing payables and receivables, and assisting with month-end and year-end closing activities. They also play an active role in strategic business planning and decision-making. Their wide range of services and software expertise makes them an ideal partner for businesses seeking a well-rounded umbrella approach.

Learn more at Books Balanced & Beyond LLC

21. McDaniel Tax and Administrative Services

McDaniel Tax and Administrative Services, led by Toby McDaniel since 2003, does tax preparation, notary services, bookkeeping, audit assistance, legal document assistance, financial statement preparation, contract compliance, and payroll management. The firm is also active in community events, having participated in the 2010 San Diego Pride Festival and the 29th Annual Memorial Day Parade, reflecting their commitment to community involvement. 

What sets McDaniel Tax and Administrative Services apart is their offer of free consultations, giving potential clients an opportunity to get to know the firm’s approach without having to be locked into a contract. Tobyco Services positions itself as a solution provider for tax-related issues and business problems, emphasizing practical, client-focused service.

Learn more at McDaniel Tax and Administrative Services


San Diego is home to several reliable and affordable bookkeeping services with years of experience in bookkeeping and tax matters. Investing in one of these services will be a significant step to growing your business. Plus, partnering with a reliable bookkeeper in San Diego will help you save money on unnecessary expenses. These bookkeeping services use technology to accurately and transparently manage clients’ financial records. With these bookkeeping services in the San Diego Area, you can rest assured that your business will grow and stand out from competitors.

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FAQ: Bookkeeping services in San Diego

Here are answers to questions about bookkeeping services in San Diego.

What are the best bookkeeping services in San Diego?

The best bookkeeping services for individuals and businesses in San Diego are Pierre Accounting, Launch CPA, Merritt Bookkeeping, Schwartz & Schwartz, Office Tax Services, TAXLANA, and San Diego Taxman.

What are some good bookkeepers for small businesses in San Diego?

Good Bookkeepers for small businesses in San Diego are M.W. Orlando Inc., Merritt Bookkeepers, Launch CPA, Morey CPA and Associate Inc., Pierre Accounting, Serrano Bookkeeping, San Diego Taxman, Office Tax Services, and Paul Anderson, CPA.

How much do bookkeepers cost in San Diego?

Hiring a bookkeeper in San Diego can range from $150 to $2,500 per month. The amount of work you outsource will determine the final cost. In addition, several bookkeepers usually provide an online calculator you can use to estimate the cost roughly. Also, your business’s size will determine how much you pay for bookkeeping services.