Here is our list of the best bookkeeping software.

Bookkeeping software is an online program that can help you maintain account books and record all financial transactions. Examples include QuickBooks, Zoho Books, and FreshBooks. The purpose of these software programs is to make bookkeeping tasks easier for business owners and financial teams.

These tools are similar to accounting software, and can help with tax software and payroll software.

booking charts, calculators and booksThis list includes:

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  • online bookkeeping tools
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List of bookkeeping software

Bookkeeping software is an essential financial tool that can help you manage your day-to-day transactions, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll processing. From FreeAgent to QuickBooks, here are the best bookkeeping software ideal for accountants, freelancers, and business owners.

1. Rigits (Service)

Price: Rigits charges a flat fee of $695 for monthly reports.

Rigits is a 100% remote bookkeeping firm dedicated to helping clients organize their books. The company provides a commendable service at a reasonable rate. You can hand over your accounts payable and receivable to the hands of the firm’s professional team and CPA partner.

Partnering with Rigits means working with QuickBooks experts. The firm will help you clean up and update all your Rigits files. Plus, you will receive monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports, giving you a clear insight into your business’s financial status. In addition, the company will ensure you do not have to deal with missing transactions by accurately matching your bank accounts with your general ledger. 

Furthermore, you can have your tax returns filed within a reasonable time. Rigits’ services include credit card management, 1099 form preparation, and job profitability reports. 

Learn more about Rigits.

2. QuickBooks

Price: The subscription fee varies for different versions of QuickBooks. The pricing can range from $15 to $4,500.

QuickBooks offers practical bookkeeping tools for small business owners. This cloud-based accounting software allows you to access your data anytime through a web browser.

Quickbooks has different versions, each targeted at different audiences. The versions include QuickBooks Self-Employed, QuickBooks Online Accountant, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, and QuickBooks Enterprise. If you are unsure of the best version for your business, then you can take a quiz on QuickBooks’ website.

You can easily upgrade your plan in any of the QuickBooks versions and cancel your subscription anytime. Furthermore, the software offers tools you can use to manage your payroll functions effectively. For example, if you plan to switch from your current payroll provider, then you can easily use QuickBooks Payroll Premium to transfer your data.

With over 25 years of experience providing solutions to small businesses, you can trust QuickBooks’ software to manage your bookkeeping and accounting needs effectively.

Learn more about QuickBooks.

3. Melio

Price: The service is free for users as long as you only make bank transfers and accept credit cards payment from clients. However, you will have to pay a token to speed up transactions. For international USD transfers, the software company charges $20 per transaction.

Melio does a fantastic job at simplifying bookkeeping and taxes. You sync the software with your preferred bookkeeping software. Meli also supports a flexible payment system that allows you to divide bills into multiple payments. Plus, you can save time by completing several payments all at once. You can also efficiently manage your accounts payable with Melio functions. The support team is available anytime if you have any concerns.

You are free to add as many users as you want without paying an additional fee. Alongside sharing the same account with your team, you can set your team member’s roles and manage payment permissions. Also, the software makes sending single or recurring invoices hassle-free. Melio is ideal for all kinds of businesses and company sizes.

Learn more about Melio.

4. FreshBooks

Pricing: Three service plans are available, with the costs varying from $8 to $28. FreshBooks partners with Gusto to provide payroll services, starting at $40 per month.

FreshBooks is an easy-to-use bookkeeping software specially designed for accountants, freelancers, business owners, and self-employed professionals. You can take advantage of the software’s free trial to learn more about accounting and bookkeeping tools within 30 days.

FreshBooks offers different plans to suit diverse needs. For example, if your goal is empowering employees, then you can consider the premium plan. Plus, FreshBooks can help you customize the services to meet complex needs.

In addition, the software features tools for creating professional invoices that will impress your customers. FreshBooks also has time-tracking features that help you and your team account for all time spent.

You can also send automated late payment reminders to customers, offer your client several payment options, and accept credit card payments. In addition, FreshBooks will help you keep an accurate track of all your business transactions. Therefore, your tax filing process will be much easier. You will also be able to view payments easily and run reports swiftly.

FreshBooks is one of the best online bookkeeping tools with a mileage tracker that logs all your business-related travel history. Plus, you can easily migrate from your current bookkeeping software to FreshBooks. You can access live customer support if you have any concerns.

Learn more about FreshBooks.

5. FreeAgent

Price: Start at around $10 per month. First-time users can enjoy a 50% discount during the first six months. You can also enjoy a free trial for 30 days.

FreeAgent is a bookkeeping software ideal for freelancers, accountants, and small businesses. The software makes recording and tracking expenses simple. Also, you can get a bird’s-eye view of your business transactions and performance. With FreeAgent, you can have unlimited clients and projects without an extra fee.

You can use this online to create an invoicing timeline so you can easily spot an overdue payment. The software provides helpful bookkeeping tools that reduce the time spent doing your books. FreeAgent provides invoicing tools that are easy to understand and use.

Furthermore, the software is popular among small businesses and helped over 70,000 business owners solve diverse accounting problems. Plus, if you connect your bank account to FreeAgent, then you can automatically import transactions using the software’s automatic bank feeds tool.

FreeAgent offers a 30-day free trial so users can explore the software’s features. After that, you can cancel your subscription if you are no longer interested in using the software. You can quickly contact the software’s support accountants in the UK if you need clarification.

Learn more about FreeAgent.

6. ZipBooks

Price: The “Starter” plan is free for users. On the other hand, the pricing for “Smarter” and “Sophisticated” plans ranges from $15 to $35. Also, ZipBooks can customize the service fee for accountants.

ZipBooks is one of the best bookkeeping software for accountants. The program provides accounting tools to manage bookkeeping and reporting tasks. You can communicate directly with your clients from the app. Also, the software can connect to your bank account and automatically import your transaction. ZipBooks provides the necessary tools you need to keep your books up-to-date. The software has a suite of accounting services, from bank reconciliations to accounts receivable.

You can expect daily feedback and how to improve your business operations. Furthermore, ZipBooks features a data-driven intelligence that lets you know your most profitable customers and how your business is doing compared to your competitors. You can track your performance using the software’s smart features, including Machine Learning, Invoice Quality Score, and Business Health Score.

In addition, you can customize your invoices to your taste and include your company’s logo and contact info. With ZipBooks’ web and mobile time tracking tools, you can rest assured that you will not lose track of your business time. The software will keep track of your time even if you exit the app.

Furthermore, ZipBooks offers a billing solution that reminds your customers of any due payments.

Learn more about ZipBooks.

7. Xero

Price: Xero offers three plans starting at around $15.

Xero is a bookkeeping software ideal for accountants, bookkeepers, and small business owners. The software makes working with your clients as an accountant or bookkeeper seamless. Also, the software company partners with Gusto to provide solutions to all your payroll needs. You do not have to commit to your subscription with Xero.

Xero provides a safe platform where you and your advisors can meet to work in real-time, regardless of your location. Also, you can connect your account to other apps like Vend, Shopify, GoCardless, and Stripe. In addition, Xero provides helpful resources online for bookkeeping and accounting service looking to set up Hubdoc, a data capture tool, for their businesses. With Hubdoc, you can upload copies of documents and capture data seamlessly without any manual entry.

Xero offers users the option to pay or receive payments in more than 150 currencies. Furthermore, you can connect your bank accounts to Xero for easy reconciliation.

Learn more about Xero.

8. Wave

Pricing: Wave offers both free and paid plans. You can enjoy invoicing, accounting, and banking services for free. However, access to payroll services requires a monthly fee of around $20 to $35. You can utilize the payment tools on a “pay-per-use” basis. The app will only charge about 1% for each payment transaction. Furthermore, the pricing for monthly bookkeeping support starts at around $150. You can also enjoy accounting and payroll coaching for a monthly fee of about $30.

Wave is one of the best bookkeeping software for self-employed workers. The online program will ensure your financial records stay up-to-date. Wave will make your payments faster and improve your cash flow in your business. You can also accept credit card payments from your customers online, in person, or over the phone. If you need to improve your knowledge of accounting, then you can consider taking advantage of Wave’s accounting and payroll coaching. Furthermore, you can learn more about the software with a free trial lasting 30 days. The only downside is that Wave’s core software function is only available to users in the United States.

Learn more about Wave.

9. NetSuite Cloud Accounting Software

Price: The software company charges users a license fee annually.

NetSuite Cloud Accounting Software provides intelligence tools to manage your accounts receivable and accounts payable. You will get a complete view of your cash flow with the software. NetSuite software is popular among many business owners because of the simple process involved in recording transactions. You can access tools to create an impressive general Ledger with unique features.

NetSuite Cloud Accounting Software allows users to customize different account types ideal for their businesses. In addition, you can access accurate visibility and reporting system that will help you manage cash flow and make informed decisions. Furthermore, NetSuite Cloud Accounting Software also provides solutions for managing domestic and international tax.

NetSuite provides real-time insight into diverse financial metrics, including cash positions, profitability ratios, and fixed assets. Also, the software will automate your tasks and save your financial team time. You can benefit from these bookkeeping solutions irrespective of your business size.

Learn more about NetSuite Cloud Accounting Software.

10. Sage 50Cloud Accounting

Price: The software company charges users a yearly fee of about $340. If you prefer a monthly plan, then you can subscribe with a fee starting at around $55.

Sage 50Cloud Accounting is among the best bookkeeping tools for small businesses. The software has excellent features that will make your accounting tasks more efficient. For example, a visual representation of your business cash flow can help you manage late payments and track your business’s expenses. The software also allows you to connect your Sage account to your bank feeds. Besides making payment acceptance easier, this process will save you the stress of manually imputing your data.

Furthermore, Sage 50Cloud Accounting provides tools to help with managing payroll processing. You can update your tax calculations for employee withholding automatically. You can also get reports on expenses, profits, and sales tax. Therefore, you will know your business’s financial standing and have critical information to make crucial decisions. You can register for a live demonstration if you have questions about Sage services and software’s functions. This comprehensive demo will also teach you how to configure the software, set up security, and create vendor and customer records.

In addition, you can take a 30 days test drive for free to learn how to use the software’s key features.

Learn more about Sage 50Cloud Accounting.

11. Zoho Books

Pricing: The software provides both free and paid packages monthly and annually. For paid plans, the price ranges from $27,000 to 670,000 per year. If you intend to add other users, then you will pay about $6,000 per year.

Zoho Books can help you manage your business’s bookkeeping tasks, including invoicing and raising sales orders. You can learn more about the software with the 14 days trial offer. While using Zoho Books, you do not have to commit to any service or contract. Therefore, you can cancel your subscription anytime and even get a refund.

You can create up to 100,000 bills within a year through the platform. Zoho Books is relatively affordable and easy to use. Depending on the plan you subscribe to, you can generate between $5,000 to $100,000 invoices annually.

Furthermore, Zoho Books is one of the free bookkeeping apps available for Android and iOS devices. Since Zoho Books secures users’ transactions through SSL encryption, you can rest assured of your data privacy.

The advantage of using Zoho Books is that you can run more than one business or organization with a single account. Also, the software allows you to add up to ten users if you subscribe to the premium plan.

With the free plan, you can enjoy an assortment of services, including:

  • Online and offline payments management
  • Client management
  • Bank accounts reconciliation
  • Multi-lingual invoicing services
  • Tax rate management

You can partner with Zoho Books to gain exclusive access to the Partners Portal and connect with clients from different parts of the world. If you need clarification on how to use the app, then you can quickly contact Zoho Books’ support team at no cost. However, the downside of this software is that you cannot access payroll tools.

Learn more about Zoho Books.


While running your business, you can easily get caught up in the day-to-day financial transactions. Plus, your bookkeeping and accounting functions will become more technical as your business grows. By subscribing to trusted bookkeeping software, you can make your financial transactions less stressful. Bookkeeping software manages your daily financial record, including expense management, asset management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll. The online programs usually provide reports to get a bird’s-eye view of your business’s financial standing. In addition, you will have access to the vital information needed to make crucial decisions in your business. Many of the software offer free trials for a specific number of days. You can use this opportunity to learn more about the program and how the provided tools can help your business. In almost all cases, you do not have to commit to your service and can easily cancel your subscription.

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FAQ: Bookkeeping software

Here are answers to questions about bookkeeping software.

What is bookkeeping software?

Bookkeeping software is a computer program designed to manage your day-to-day financial transactions. These programs help bookkeepers, accountants, freelancers, and business owners save time and reduce the stress of manually handling financial tasks.

What do bookkeeping tools do?

Bookkeeping tools perform diverse functions to make managing your business easier. Examples include time tracking, expense tracking, billing, invoicing, payment processing, and payroll processing. The tools can let you know your most profitable customers and provide your business account statements. Depending on the bookkeeping software you subscribe to, you can access payroll processing tools.

What are some good bookkeeping apps for business?

Some good bookkeeping apps for businesses are Wave, FreshBooks Zoho Books, Xero, FreeAgent, QuickBooks, and ZipBooks. Although QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based accounting program, you can download the mobile app to access your data right from your phone for free. With Zoho Books, you can access your account with a passcode without logging in or out of your account every single time. In addition, Xero offers six mobile apps that work on Android and iOS devices. Although Wave is 100% web-based, you can download the mobile app for invoicing.

What are the best bookkeeping tools for freelancers?

The best bookkeeping tools for freelancers are QuickBooks FreshBooks, FreeAgent, Xero, Wave, Melio, and Zoho Books.

How do you choose bookkeeping software?

When choosing bookkeeping software, you must first consider your business needs. Next, you should check out the tools offered by the software and understand how these tools can help your business. Also, consider your accounting skills. If you are not an expert accountant or bookkeeper, then opt for easy-to-use accounting software with simple features. Also, review your budget since the price for subscribing to bookkeeping software largely varies. Many software companies will provide different plans or customizable options to fit your budget. If you are still unsure of the best bookkeeping software to meet your needs, then your best bet would be to seek the advice of a professional bookkeeper.